Mick O'Donnell: Research Interests

Text Generation: Composing whole texts from underlying representation (relational databases, knowledge representation language, etc. I have an interst in dynamic hypertext generation, as realised in the ILEX project.
Sentence Generation: Generating individual sentences from a semantic specification, paying regard to event semantics, speech act, reference, thematic development, etc.
Sentence Analysis: Analysis of sentences in terms of both syntactic structure (using Systemic Functional Grammar) and also to a semantic level (event structure).
Knowledge Representation: Representation of conceptual and linguistic data using knowledge representation formalisms. WAG includes a systemic-based KRL.
Linguistic Coding Tools: Tools for marking up text structure or features (see here).
Interaction Structure: Modelling the structure of human interaction, including exchange (conversation) structure, task (generic) structure. Including both verbal and nonverbal behaviour. Dynamic modelling of interaction.
Systemic Formalism: Using the Systemic formalism to model all information (language, behaviour, knowledge, etc.). Notion of strata, inter-stratal mapping. Systemics as a knowledge-representation language.