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The Ministry of Education has granted a Mention of Excellence to the Interuniversity PhD Programme in Economics and Management of Innovation.

The interuniversitary MSc and PhD Program in Economics and Management of Innovation has been jointly developed by the Autonomous, Complutense and Polytechnic Universities of Madrid. Although students enroll at only one University, the program grants students access to the facilities and resources in all three Universities.

The aim is to contribute to the development of research and of empirical applications in businesses and public institutions on issues concerning technological innovation from an economic and business perspective.

Technological innovation occupies a prominent position among the factors connected with economic growth and competitiveness. It is so confirmed by the weight given to it by governments and international institutions as a strategic variable in economic development. In this regard, the European Commission has repeatedly stated the need to support and promote innovation as a determinant element of economic growth and job creation, which requires a multidisciplinary study approach. One of the documents of the European Commission (EUROPEAN COMMISSION, 2006, RICARDIS) on innovation policies states that innovation goes beyond technological innovation. For instance, it is also organizational innovation, management of human resources, and management of the various types of capacities within the company. Likewise, the new edition of the Oslo Manual (OCDE, 2005) adds to the concept of technological innovation the concepts of organizational innovation and innovation in marketing.

It is open to degree holders of any discipline and offers teaching and research in an increasingly influential area, as well as access to some of the main European research teams.

The program lasts one academic year and enables students to continue their studies at the PhD program.

Points of particular interest in our MSc (MEGIN) and PhD (DEGIN) Programs:

With the objective of taking advantage of a critical mass of researchers in matters related to innovation, and having the support of animportant bibliographical resources. This program provides its students:

  1. Access to scholars in different fields related to Innovation and technological change. Students, regardless of which of the three universities they are enrolled in, can take classes in any of them and ask the professor of their choice to supervise their research activities.

  2. The use of libraries and access to bibliographical resources in all three universities.

  3. Giving students the chance to do quality research and achieve the skills needed in careers demanding ever more highly-qualified professionals.

  4. Allowing students to work in a multidisciplinary environment, with scholars from faculties ranging from economic and management sciences to engineering.

  5. Giving students the opportunity to attend international meetings, with fellowships provided with this objective. They will also be given the chance to participate in research projects as part of the PRIME network (Policies for Research and Innovation in the move towards the European Research Area), which allows the PhD Program (DEGIN) students to have advisors from universities throughout Europe.

The Master in Economics and Management of Innovation, 9th position at the TOP 50 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2017

Eduniversal Ranking, who classifies best 4.000 Masters and MBA programs worldwide, has rated the Master in Economics and Management of Innovation (MEGIN) for 2016/2017 academic year, at the 9th position Worldwide, in the field of "Business Intelligence, Knowledge & Security Management"

Further information

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(06/07/2017) Graduation Event MEGIN Academic Year 16/17

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(05/05/2017) MEGIN among the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2017 Worldwide. More information

(28/04/2017) Published Newsletter LinkedIn MEGIN-DEGIN, April 2017

(05/04/2017) Conference: "Introduction to Data Mining", Mauricio Beltrán

(16/03/2017) Published Newsletter LinkedIn MEGIN-DEGIN, March 2017

(06/03/2017) Published Annual Employability Report 2016

(22/02/2017) Conference: "The Delphi Method", by Jon Landeta

(17/02/2017) Published Newsletter LinkedIn MEGIN-DEGIN, February 2017

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(14/09/2016) Welcome Ceremony MEGIN 2016-2017

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(25/02/2016) Published Employability Report 2015

(01/12/2015) Visit: BBVA Innovation Center

(27/11/2015) Conference: "La empresa multinacional extranjera y la cooperación para la innovación con socios locales".”

(10/11/2015) Conference: “InCas Method”

(27/10/2015) Seminar: “Instrumentos de Política de Innovación: Políticas desde la demanda y fiscales”

(02/07/2015) Graduation Event MEGIN Academic Year 14/15

(21/05/2015) Eduniversal 2015 Ranking Best Masters and MBA's: The Masters degree in Economics and Innovation Management, nº 8, among the best in the world.

(28/06/2014) II Poster Competition New students awarded from the 2014/2015 academic year

(23/04/2015) MEGIN students Visited BMW Ibérica

(22/03/2015) Magallanes Project Students get to know a project about the energy tide potential.

(25/02/2015) XI Employment Forum Clara Jiménez Piñar presented "Creativity and Innovation" at Economics School at the UAM

(18/11/2014) the INCAS Method A Method to analyze the intellectual capital

(26/04/2014) MEGIN students Visited the BBVA Innovation Center to attend the Conference "The Digital Transformation in Banking"

(28/02/2014) MEGIN students Visited GMV, a GMV is a privately owned technological business group with an international presence.

Conference 2014, Manchester "Science and Innovation Policy: Dynamics, Challenges, Responsability and Practice"

Major success for DEGIN: 4 out of the 6 Mobility Scholarships of the EU-SPRI Forum 2011 network, granted to our PhD students.

Mention of Excellence 2011 for our PhD program


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