Prof. Juan José Sáenz

Juan José Sáenz is Professor at the Condensed Matter Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Since 1993 he runs the Moving Light and Electrons (MoLE) group at UAM. He joined the UAM as Assistant Professor in 1982 where he worked on the stability and equilibrium properties of small clusters and crystals in Prof. N. García’s group. He was also involved in the first works on magnetic force microscopy (MFM) in collaboration with Prof. Güntherodt’s group in Basel. In 1987 he obtained his PhD from UAM.

Juan José Sáenz

During his post-doc, he worked on electron field emission from nanotips in Dr. H. Rohrer’s group at IBM-Zürich. From 1989 to 2006 he was Associate Professor at UAM. Since 2007 he is Full Professor at UAM. At present his research interests include theoretical modelling of scanning probe microscopies (SPM), quantum electron transport through nanocontacts and wave transport and molecular imaging through complex media. In 2003 he was Invited Professor in the EM2C-(CNRS) Lab. at École Centrale Paris working on nanoscale thermal transport and nano-optics. He has published over 90 papers (among them 23 in Physical Review Letters) and presented more than 150 communications in international conferences. He is co-organizer of the “Trends in Nanotechnology” (TNT) conference series.  He has been part of the European Project Integrated Technologies for in-vivo Molecular Imaging. Currently participates in the European project Nanostructures active Magneto-plasmonic Materials, NANOMAGMA and Program CONSOLIDER INGENIO 2010, Light Control on the Nanoscale, NANOLIGHT. Since january 2010, J.J. Sáenz is the Coordinator for the Proyect , Microsistemas Ópticos Sensores Resonantes, MICROSERES, funded by Comunidad de Madrid.


Some Recent Publications




    Dielectric nanoparticles: polarizability reveals identity
    Sahagún, E. and Saenz, J.J.
    Nature Materials, 11, nº 9 Pages 748-749 (2012).



    Magnetic and electric coherence in forward -and back- scattered electromagnetic waves by a single dielectric subwavelenght sphere
    Geffrin, J.M., Garcia-Camara, B., Gomez-Medina, R., Albella, P., Froufe-Perez, L.S., Eyrand, C., Litman, A., Vaillen, R., Gonzalez, F., Nieto-Vesperinas, M., Saenz, J.J. and Moreno, F.
    Nature Communications, 3, Article number 1171 (2012).



    Dielectric antennas - a suitable platform for controlling magnetic dipolar emission
    Schmidt, M.K., Esteban, R., Saenz, J.J., Suarez-Lacalle, I., Mackowski, S. and Aizpurua, J.
    Optics Express, 20, nº 13 Pages 13636-13650 (2012).


    Light scattering by a magneto-optical nanoparticle in front of a flat surface: Perturbative approach
    Marinchio, H., Sáenz, J.J. and Carminati, R.
    Physical Review B, 85, nº 24 Article Number 245425(2012).


    Dissipation by adhesion hysteresis in dynamic force microscopy
    Sahagún, E. and Sáenz, J.J
    Physical Review B, 85, nº 23 Article Number 235412 (2012).


    Enhaced dielectric constant resolution of thin insulating films by electrostatic force microscopy
    Castellano-Hernández, E, Moreno-Llorena, J, Sáenz, J.J and Sacha, G.M.
    Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 24, nº 15 Article Number 155303 (2012).



    Negative scattering asymmetry parameter for dipolar particles: Unusual reduction of the transport mean free path and radiation pressure
    Gómez-Medina, R, Froufe-Pérez, L.S., Yépez, M, Scheffold, F, Nieto-Vesperinas, M and Sáenz, J.J.
    Physical Review 85, nº 3 Article Number 035802 (2012).



    Light spin forces in optical traps: comment on "Trapping metallic Rayleigh particles wih radial polarization
    I. Iglesias and J.J. Sáenz
    Optics Express 2834, 20 nº 3 (2012).



    Plasmonic nanoparticle chain in a light field: a resonant optical sail
    S. Albaladejo, J.J. Sáenz and M. Marqués
    Nanoletters, article ASAP (2011).




    Contrast inversion in electrostatic force microscopy imaging of trapped charges: tip-sample distance and dielectric constant dependence
    C. Riedel, A. Alegría, R. Arinero, J. Colmenero and J.J. Sáenz
    Nanotechnology 22 345702 (2011).



    Optical Forces: Laser Tractor Beams
    J.J. Sáenz
    Nature Photonics, 5, 514-515 (2011).



    On the use of electrostatic force microscopy as a quantitative subsurface characterization technique: A numerical study
    C. Riedel, A. Alegría, G.A. Schwartz, R. Arinero, J. Colmenero and J.J. Sáenz
    Applied Physics Letters, 99, 023101 (2011).



    Light control of silver nanoparticle's diffusion
    S. Albaladejo, M. Marqués and J.J. Sáenz
    Optics Express, 19, 11471-11478 (2011).



    Electric and magnetic dipolar response of germanium nanospheres: interferences effects, scattering anisotropy and optical forces
    R. Gómez-Medina, B. García Cámara, I. Suárez Lacalle, F. González, F. Moreno, M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J.J. Sáenz
    Journal of Nanophotonics, 5, 053512 (2011).



    Numerical study of the lateral resolution in electrostatic force microscopy for dielectric samples
    C. Riedel, A, Alegría, G.A. Schwartz, J. Colmenero and J.J. Sáenz
    NANOTECHNOLOGY, 22, 285705 (2011).



    Finite photonic crystal waveguide with an embedded cavity: optical conductance "dips" and vortices
    S. Albaladejo, M. Lester and J.J. Sáenz
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, 28, 756-759 (2011).



    Strong magnetic response of submicron silicon particles in the infrared
    A. Garcia-Etxarri, R, Gomez-Medina,L.S. Froufe, C. Lopez, L. Chantada, F. Scheffold, J. Aizpurua, M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J.J. Sáenz
    Optics Express , 19, 4815-4826 (2011).



    Scattering Forces in the focal volume of high numerical aperture microscope objetives
    I. Iglesias and J.J. Sáenz
    Optics Communications , 284, 2430-2436 (2011).



    Nonconservative electric and magnetic optical forces on submicron dielectric particles
    R. Gomez-Medina, M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J.J. Sáenz
    Physical Review A , 83, 033825 (2011).



    Statistical Properties of the Conductance of Disordered Wires: From Atomic-Scale contacts to Macroscopically long Nanowires
    L.S. Froufe, M.Y. Yepez, A. Garcia-Martin and J.J. Sáenz
    Condensed Matter Physics Book Series AIP Conference Proceedings, 1319, 29-40 (2010).



    Statistical Scattering of Waves Disordered Waveguides: The limiting macroscopic statistics in the ballistics regime
    M. Y. Yépez, P.A. Mello and J.J. Sáenz
    Condensed Matter Physics Book Series AIP Conference Proceedings, 1319, 49-56 (2010).



    Angle-suppressed scattering and optical forces on submicrometer dielectric particles
    M. Nieto-Vesperinas, R. Gomez-Medina and J.J. Sáenz
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A-Optics Image Science and Vision , 28, 54-60 (2010).



    Nanogeometry Matters: Unexpected Decrease of Capillary Adhesion Forces with Increasing Relative Humidity
    M. Kober, E. Sahagún, P- Garcia-Mochales, F. Briones, M. Luna and J.J. Sáenz
    SMALL , 6, 2725-2730 (2010).



    Optical Forces from an Evanescent Wave on a Magnetodielectric Small Particle
    M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J.J. Sáenz
    Optics Letters , 35, 4078-4080 (2010).



    Optical Forces on Small Magnetodielectric Particles
    M. Nieto-Vesperinas, J.J. Sáenz, R. Gomez-Medina and L. Chantada
    Optics Express , 18, 11428-11443 (2010).



    Radiative corrections to the polarizability tensor of an electrically small anisotropic dielectric particle
    S. Albaladejo, R. Gomez Medina, L.S. Froufe, H. Marinchio, R. Carminati, J.F. Torrado, G. Armelles, A. Garcia and J.J. Sáenz
    Optics Express , 18, 3556-3567 (2010).



    Giant enhanced diffusion of gold nanoparticles in optical vortex fields
    S. Albaladejo, M.I. Marques, F. Scheffold and J.J. Sáenz
    Nanoletters, 9, 3527-3531 (2009).



    Deterministic ratchet from stationary light fields
    I. Zapata, S. Albaladejo, J.M.R. Parrondo and J.J. Sáenz
    Physical Review Letters, 103, 130061 (2009).



    Phase Contrast in simultaneous topography and recognition imaging
    M.C. Fuss, E. Sahagun, M. Kober and J.J. Sáenz
    Ultramicroscopy, 109, 1189-1192 (2009).



    Scattering Forces from the Curl of the Spin Angular Momentum of a Light Field.
    S. Albaladejo, M.I. Marqués, M. Laroche and Juan José Sáenz
    Physical Review Letters, 102, 113602 (2009).



    Density of States and Extinction Mean Free Path of Waves in Random Media: Dispersion Relations and Sum Rules.
    R. Carminati and Juan José Sáenz
    Physical Review Letters, 102, 093902 (2009).



    Generalized scattering matrix method for electrostatic calculations of nanoscale systems.
    G.M. Sacha and Juan José Sáenz
    Physical Review B, 77, 245423 (2008).



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