Welcome to the MIRE web

The Materials of Interest in Renewable Energy (MIRE) group is part of the Department of Materials Physics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. It was founded by Professor Carlos Sánchez at the earlies’80 and nowadays, the group is formed by physicists, chemists and technicians with a broad experience combining research and education.

Since its foundation, Prof. C. Sánchez led the investigation on energy problems and the research of the group has been focused on materials physics for energy conversion and storage. The investigation covers the synthesis (bulk and thin films) and characterization of the different compounds as well as prototypes fabrication. As a consequence, our group is very familiar with a wide sort of experimental techniques as well as characterization methods and it is encouraged the fabrication of own experimental systems. The research in MIRE group covers two main topics:

(i) Compounds related to H-economy (Hydrogen Generation and Storage)

sistema solar

(ii) Compounds for thermoelectric/photovoltaic applications.


Other topics covered by our group are LENR, sonochemistry … The following pages will provide a brief introduction to our work, as well as resources for additional information (main equipments, publications, national and international collaborations..ect). If you are interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.