research projects - CREASEC

The Perception and Action Group of the UAM participates in the Project "Cognition and Representation in the Non-Symbolic Programs in Cognitive Science III", funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Symbolic Cognitive Science has traditionally been aware of its own limitations when explaining behavioural and psychological phenomena. Recent developments in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience point out that different processes demand different kinds of representations or, yet stronger, that the discrete-symbolic conception of representation does not aid in the explanation of such processes. The dynamic approach is an alternative to such problems and limitations. This approach relies on formal analysis tools, such as
systems of differential equations. At the same time, it finds its philosophical  foundations in the phenomenology of mind, and emphasizes mind-body-world interaction and mutuality.

Our hypothesis is that dynamic approaches to cognition are powerful enough to overcome some of the limitations reached by the symbolic paradigm. Both at the level of cerebral activity description and in the philosophical analysis of the phenomena.