who we are

The research group (SEMICUAM) belongs to two departments (Physics of Materials and Physics of Condensed Matter-Theory) UAM, which have been working since 1983 on the electronic structure and optical properties of low-dimensional semiconductors.



Semicuan Laboratory 4SEMICUAM has a long experience and a good track record of achievements in the field of semiconductor nanostructures both in theory and experiment.


From a theory viewpoint, this group has worked successfully on electronic transport problems in the Kondo regime, as well as on topics related to spectroscopy of Fermi-edge singularities and on the formation of spin textures in quantum dots and electron bilayer systems, among other topics.


More recently, the group has made important contributions to the physics of quantum dots in the Kondo regime, to exciton and polariton condensation in semiconductors and has begun the study of quantum dots embedded in microcavities.


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SEMICUAM has been involved in the European RTNs Physics in High Magnetic Fields -MAGNET- (CHRX-CT92-0062), Ultrafast processes in semiconductors -ULTRAFAST- (CHRX-CT93-0133), Ultrafast quantum optoelectronics (FMRX-CT97-0134), Collective electronic states in nanostructures (HPRN-CT-2002-00291) and Physics of microcavities (MRTN-CT-2003-503677)


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