Social-Ecological Systems Lab: Building science for sustainability in a changing world

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The Laboratory

We are a research group that focuses on exploring the structure, functioning and dynamics of social-ecological systems (humans in nature) from a systemic and transdiciplinary approach, to tackle complex issues related to sustainability.

The scope of our research covers a wide range of topics in the frontiers among nature, culture and society. Our work can be framed in what has been called "Sustainability Science". From integrative disciplines such as Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, Systems Ecology, and Conservation Ecology, we aim to develop new strategies and conceptual frameworks that contribute to the transition toward sustainability.

In doing so, we use various methodological tools such as natural capital and ecosystem services evaluation, characterization of functional diversity, assessment and management of social-ecological resilience, scenario analysis (ecofutures), or participative territorial planning and management, among others.

Our research is intended to bring down barriers and tend bridges between social and biophysical sciences, as well as between researchers and decision-makers, to build adaptive capacities in the face of current global change.

The Mediterranean ecoregion and Latin America are the geographical areas where we currently concentrate most of our efforts.

Last News

20|01|2014José A. González gave a seminar at the Stockholm Resilience Centre entitled “Applying complex systems theory to conservation planning in the Galapagos Islands.

02|12|2013The social-ecological systems lab has participated in the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Integrating Social-Ecological Resilience into the New Development Agenda that has taken place in the city of Medellín, Colombia from 2-4 December.

30|08|2013Presentation of oral communications at the 6º ESP International Conference

12|07|2013Ignacio Palomo presented the PhD. Thesis entitled: “Managing protected areas beyond their limits. A social-ecological approach to landscape planning”

23|05|2013Sara Mingorría pre-doctoral research was part of the team making the documentary "El oro o la vida" about the impacts of gold mining in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which has won awards at Human rights film festival of Barcelona 2013.

21|02|2013 Federica Ravera, PhD in ecological economics for the Autonomous University of Barcelona, will be part of our staff granted by the 4U alliance.

03|12|2012 Marina García-Llorente, post-doctoral researcher, is working with a team from the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), Oxford University, in the BESAFE project.

31|10|2012Irene Iniesta, PhD candidate at the Social-ecological systems lab is currently a visiting scholar at the Workshop of Political Theory and Policy Analysis

31|10|2012This month is finally available the book “Resilience and the Cultural Landscape”, published by Cambridge University Press and edited by Tobias Plieninger and Claudia Bieling

26|10|2012The final report for policy-makers of our research project “Assessing ecosystem services associated with transhumance” was presented at Albarracín (Teruel) on October 26th

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