AIIDI (Asociacion Iberoamericana para la Investigacion de las Diferencias Individuales, Iberoamerican Association for Individual Differences Research)

is interested in the study of psychological differences (known as correlational approach as additional to experimental approach).



The individual differences approach in psychology focuses on the study of the dimensions of differentiation between human beings, fundamentally Intelligence and Personality. Main goal is to know how many components they have, how are they organized and how stable / modifiable they are. Furthermore a big question refers to the explanation of individual differences.


AIIDI promotes the research of inter and intra-individual differences, and inter-groups’ differences, in intelligence, aptitudes, skills, temperament and personality, from an empirical standpoint. Studies on psychological differences are carried out in very different contexts (experimental psychology, physiological, pharmacological, clinical, medical, genetics, statistics, education, work, sports and social). From these contexts, determinants, causes and concomitant factors of individual differences are explored, using concepts derived from these areas.


The AIIDI was established in 2011, succeeding SEIDI (Sociedad Española para la Investigación de las Diferencias Individuales, Spanish Society for the Research on Individual Differences) that was created in 1996 under the patronage of Hans Jürgen Eysenck. Its aim is to bring together researchers, professionals, students and teachers who are interested in the development of any of the various topics that make up this scientific tradition (Differential Psychology), either Spanish or Latin American.


By now, the association develops its training activities, meetings and dissemination of topics related to individual differences in Spain, but maintaining close contact with the ISSID (International Society for the Study of Individual Differences) homologous to the AIIDI. In the near future AIIDI will expand its borders to the territories of Latin American members when they would ask for holding one annual meeting.


In short, AIIDI seeks to promote and share knowledge and bring together those who are interested in individual differences. Being a scientific association, it is governed by the norms of these organizations. Supported activities and entrance norms for new members, have no restrictions derived from their origin or their professional or academic affiliation. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of scientific knowledge and its dissemination, without further restrictions than those derived from the free scientific research ethics.


Junta Directiva Actual


Presidente Vicepresidente Secretario Tesorero
María Angeles Quiroga Javier Corbarán Oscar García Jesús Privado






AIIDI holds an Annual Scientific Meeting in late September. The last two meetings were held in 2011 in Castellón(Prof. G. Ortet) and in 2012 in Murcia (Dr. J. Corbalán).

This year, exceptionally, the annual meeting will be held in July in Barcelona (25-26 July), coinciding with the biannual Conference of the ISSID.


Scholarships for attendance to ISSID-2013 Conference

Once applications submitted to obtain a scholarship have been evaluated, the board of the Iberoamerican Association for Research on Individual Differences (AIIDI) has decided to grant  scholarship of € 200 to the following applicants:

Juan Manuel Antunez Vilchez (UMA), Paola Fuentes Claramonte (UJI), Sigrid Gallego Moya (UJI), Vanesa García Peñas (UM), Laura Romero Lopez (USC), Kenya Martínez Rodríguez (UAM), Miguel Burgaleta (UPF).

The Scholarship will be delivered on AIIDI Assembly to be held during the conference (most probably Wednesday 24th in the late afternoon). Please remember that to get the scholarship awarded, you must be registered for the conference. Congratulations!

David Gallardo-Pujol, PhD. ISSID 2013, Organizing Chair
Oscar Garcia, PhD. AIIDI Secretary