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Collaborating Companies:

The Biophysics Master will now be integrated in the new Master in Physics of Condensed Matter and of Biological Systems, to be launched in course 2014-15, with two specializations: Nanoscience and Biophysics (see information below).

The Master in Phsyics of Condensed Matter Physics and Biological Systems has a strong multidisciplinary character , with the ultimate aim of training future researchers of excellence in the areas of knowledge related to the program.

The new Master will offere two specializations: Nanophysics and Biophysics.

In the Biophysics specialization, the students will gain a quantitative understanding of biological organisms, systems and processes from the point of view of physics, as well as of the most advanced physical techniques used in their study. Emphasis will be given not only to theoretical knowledge but also to computational and practical tools.

Organization and structure

- A common compulsory module (15 ECTS). Students will become familiar with the main experimental techniques in the field of Biophysics, with the fundamentals of physicochemical processes governing the behavior of biological systems, and with professional skills and transversal competences .

- A specialization compulsory module (12 ECTS).Students will learn specific tools of physics, mathematics, cellular and molecular biology (depending on previous background) relevant to deepen the understanding and quantitative analysis of biological systems. There will two subjects: 'Theoretical Methods' and 'Experimental Methods'.

- An elective module (12 ECTS): Specialized expertise will be provided. Students will choose three subjects among the following: Cellular Biophysics, Neuroscience, Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Image Analysis.

- A final Master Thesis project (21 ECTS).

Application and admission requests

Applications will be on-line through the Official Posgraduate web page:

Should you require further information about admission procedures and dates or convalidations, see the Official Postgraduate web page.


  • Admission requests:
    • First deadline: 12 june 2014
    • Second period: 21 july-4 september 2014
  • Admission results:
    • 15 july 2014
    • 16 september 2013


Coordinator: Nicolás Agrait ( )
Coordinator of Biophysics specialization: Raúl Guantes(

Secretary: Elsa Fuentes
Departamento de Física de la Materia Condensada, Facultad de Ciencias, Módulo 03, 601, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 28049 Madrid

Phone:+34 914974740

Organizing Entities

  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)
  • Public and Private Collaborating Institutions:
    • Spanish National Biotechnology Center (CNB-CSIC)
    • Center for Molecular Biology 'Severo Ochoa' (UAM-CSIC)
    • Spanish National Cancer Center (CNIO)
    • 'Ramón y Cajal' Neurosciences Institute (CSIC)
    • IMDEA Nanociencias
    • Universities Paris 7 and Paris 11
    • Institut Curie. Section Recherche.UMR CNRS/IC
    • Others (Companies Biomol Informatics and Nanotec Electrónica)