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Manuscript Submission (CLOSED)

Working Papers on Culture, Education and Human Development accepts original and unpublished manuscripts to be considered for publication. The editorial committee accepts to review articles understanding that they are currently not being reviewed by other publications and that this status will be maintained during the whole review process and until a final decision is reached regarding the possible publication of the manuscript. The journal accepts manuscripts in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese and English.

In general terms, regarding questions of style, organization in sections, and reference format manuscripts should follow the style manual of the American Psychological Association (Fifth Edition). There is not a size limit to manuscripts, although it is recommended that they are not shorter than 2000 words. Also, the editorial committee may request changes or editing of manuscripts which are considered too lengthy for an article format. Manuscripts should be accompanied by a 200 word abstract in the language of the manuscript and English (or Spanish if the paper is written in English). Authors are invited to contact the editorial committee for any other questions regarding the preparation of manuscripts and the use and presentation of photographs or multimedia material (audio and video). We recommend authors consult the following instructions when preparing their manuscripts (pdf)

As part of an effort to find new ways of disseminating scientific knowledge, the journal will follow and "open review" procedure organized in the following steps:

a) Manuscripts which are received and meet the content and format requirements of the journal will be immediately "made public" in the section papers in review.

b)  The editorial committee will send the manuscript to two external reviewers who will provide evaluations within a two month period. These reviews will be "published" next as soon as they are received. Meanwhile, readers may submit their own reviews of the manuscript which will also be "published" as soon as they are received by the editorial committee. During this period, the editorial committee will limit itself to monitoring that reviews and the dialogue stemming from them take place in a constructive and respectful manner. It will be in the hand of authors of papers and reviews whether this exchange takes place anonymously or not. Starting in the year 2011 this public review process will take place in a public blog associated to the journal (see the link below to access the blog). Assigned reviewers or other readers interested in preparing a review can can consult previous reviews, which are archived with each volume, for a model in relation to how to prepare a review.

c) Once the review period is concluded and in light of the content of the reviews the editorial committee will make a decision regarding the paper. Typically, this decision will be one of three alternatives: 1. Reject. 2. Accept in its current form or with minor revisions. 3. Accept pending more substantial changes. In every case the editorial committee will provide an explanation to the authors regarding their decision. In the last case, the editorial committee and the authors will reach an agreement regarding the time period in which these revisions will be made.

d) Rejected manuscripts will be "erased" from the corresponding section. Alternatively, once manuscripts are accepted for publication they will be "erased" from the review section and published in its final form in the corresponding volume and issue. To favor speed in electronic publishing, each individual paper will be published as an independent issue. Copyright of papers will be transferred to authors as long as the original reference to the journal publication is acknowledged in future reprints of the paper.

All communication will take place through electronic mail.

Submission of Book Reviews

The book review section publishes brief commentaries of recent books published in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Galician and Catalan. The language of the book review should be one of these but not necessarily the same as the book to be reviewed. Reviews should have approximately an extension of 1500 words and should consist of a critical evaluations and not merely a summary of its contents. Each review should begin by citing the book or books to be reviewed, with full bibliographic information including: authors, copyright date, full title and including any subtitle, place of publication, publisher, number of pages and ISBN Number. Books reviews will be published in a specific section indicating the date of publication of the review.


Gallaway, C. y Richards, B.J. (1994). Input and interaction in language acquisition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. xvi + 319. ISBN 0521-43725- 3

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