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Research Symposia for Spanish and Latin American Academics           XIII Edition

Past Projects

1. Course: Foundations for Epidemiological Research: Clinical and population applications.
1. Measurement and interpretation concepts of epidemiological data.
2. Major epidemiological designs.
3. Formulation of a research protocol.

2. Workshop for teachers on the development and education in business school cases.
How does one develop a case? How does one teach a case? What are the challenges in applying the case method of teaching in your school?

3. Research Seminar - Building management capacity: institutions and technology
The objective of the research seminar is twofold. Substantively, the seminar will invite students to examine strategic thinking, organizational change, alignment of capacity with mission, performance management, leadership and culture. 

Methodologically, the seminar will give students experience in the use of the case discussion method and small-group problem solving, two effective, participatory practices in graduate professional education. Students will be asked to be active participants in their own learning by developing and examining alternative courses of action to respond to complex management challenges faced by public, nonprofit and private managers in contemporary settings.

4. The International Conference of Researchers in Administration that took place November 24th and 25th at the Universidad Externado de Colombia opened with a lecture by Dr. Lori Breslow, IAP Academic Advisor and continued with a conference by Dr. John Belcher, MIT professor of Physics. read more

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Operating in collaboration with

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