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Ongoing Projects

This project seeks to fill the gap in understanding the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of hospitals by evaluating the impact of realistic threats and by assisting in the planning of appropriate countermeasures. Project researchers will examine the cybersecurity measures in place in at least 5 Spanish hospitals in order to evaluate their level of protection against cyberattack designed to interrupt the institutions’ clinical activities. Once the diagnosis of vulnerabilities is completed, the project will propose new potential defenses against cyberattacks motivated by extremist ideologies.

Participating universities: University of Oxford,  Autonomous University of Madrid
Leading hospitals: University Hospital of Fuenlabrada, Hospital Moncloa (Madrid, Spain)
Cerner, General Electric
IAP-UAM has established an international, collaborative research project to study the leadership and governance various universities across the world. Participating professors are from the United States, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates. The main objective of the project is to benchmark the different universities with the model of governance and management of the American university, considered the best in the world in the different international rankings. Through the studies, the characteristics of the academic and organizational structures will be understood and the most efficient ways to manage and lead a university will be learned.
IAP-UAM has established an Annual Visiting Lecture in Latin American and European Legal History held on the campus of the Harvard Law School. Through this program, IAP-UAM brings a prominent Latin American or European legal historian, based anywhere in the world, to the school to give a lecture. The historian is selected by the Harvard Law School faculty who specialize in European Legal History, and the event is open to all students, faculty, and the public.
From the results of the research project Rethinking Graduate Management Education in Latin America, (explained in “Past Projects”), emerged the development of Professor Srikant Datar’s Design Thinking and Innovation class at Harvard Business School (HBS). IAP-UAM has been facilitating access to this course, taught at the Harvard Innovation Lab, to business students at Externado University of Colombia through videos from Professor Srikant Datar and student visits to Boston, Massachusetts to attend his class in person. Most years, Professor Datar teaches the last class of the semester in Bogotá, at their university.
IAP-UAM partners with ALARI to support the Mark Claster Mamolen annual Dissertation Workshop on Afro-Latin American Studies. This workshop seeks to stimulate the development of the emerging field of Afro-Latin American Studies by supporting advanced doctoral students working in the field. » read more
IAP-UAM has created the Annual Visiting Lecture in Latin American History at Harvard University. This is an ongoing collaboration between IAP-UAM, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, and the Afro-Latin American Research Institute, Harvard University. Generously supported by IAP-UAM, this program brings to Harvard a prominent historian of Latin America, based anywhere in the world, who is selected by the faculty members of the History Department who specialize in Latin America. The visiting scholar gives a public lecture and participates in the Latin American History Seminar and Workshop that is offered annually by the Department of History.
In a world of technological advances and economic dynamism, masses of citizens and migrants remain excluded from rights and resources, in part because of illiteracy. Cultural Agents and the IAP partner with universities to train trainers in a simple, effective protocol that uses challenging texts as raw material for making art projects. Students become users of books and combine cognitive rigor with creativity as admiration for all generates high levels of civility. Pre-Texts is the Prize for Education for Peace, given by Colombia's Ministry of Education to winning school districts, and works in many countries. Complex texts are prompts for creating a sound track, a choreography, a painting, a story-board, or a spoken word poem, etc. Pre-Texts develops avid and creative readers from all grade levels and socioeconomic environments by using often standard curricula as an excuse for making art.
Inspired by literacy campaigns in Cuba, Nicaragua, Spain and the USA, our Campaign counts not on governments, but on universities and networks of health providers to improve the public's well-being through literacy, a consistent indicator in all forms of human development.
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