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Research Symposia for Spanish and Latin American Academics           XIII Edition

Ongoing Projects

1. Afro-Latin American Research Institute (ALARI) at the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research:

IAP-UAM is partnering with the ALARI to support the Mark Claster Mamolen annual Dissertation Workshop on Afro-Latin American Studies. This workshop seeks to stimulate the development of the emerging field of Afro-Latin American Studies by supporting advanced doctoral students working in the field. » read more

2. The Annual Visiting Lecture in Latin American History:

The IAP-UAM has created the Annual Visiting Lecture in Latin American History. This is an ongoing collaboration between IAP-UAM, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, and the Afro-Latin American Research Institute, Harvard University. Generously supported by IAP-UAM, this program brings to Harvard a prominent historian of Latin America, based anywhere in the world, who is selected by the faculty members of the History Department who specialize in Latin America. The visiting scholar gives a public lecture and participates in the Latin American History Seminar and Workshop that is offered annually by the Department of History.

March 1, 2017:
“Enslaved Tongues: Plotting Translation in Seventeenth-Century Cartagena de Indias.”
Larissa Brewer-Garcia (The University of Chicago)

March 22, 2017:
“The Jewish Inca of Paititi and Guaman Poma’s Torah: Indians, Portuguese conversos, and the Jewification of the Spanish Monarchy.”

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra (University of Texas at Austin)

The Annual Visiting Lecture in Latin American and European Legal History:
IAP-UAM has established an Annual Visiting Lecture in Latin American and European Legal History held on the campus of the Harvard Law School. Through this program, IAP-UAM brings a prominent Latin American or European legal historian, based anywhere in the world, to the school to give a lecture. The historian is selected by the Harvard Law School faculty who specialize in European Legal History, and the event is open to all students, faculty, and the public.

This year, the focus will be on European legal history.

4. Doctoral Workshop: El Gran Debate sobre las Imágenes: la Monarquía Católica y su Imperio Atlántico
Presented by the faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, in collaboration with Autonomous University of Madrid and la Casa de Velázquez.
In 2017 they will be celebrating the 5th Centenary of a key episode in the history of Europe: five hundred years ago on October 31, Martin Luther gave the press, to then be sent to different political and religious authorities, a letter questioning some basic principles of spiritual Economics of the Catholic Church.
This course offers an interdisciplinary look at one of its most controversial aspects:
the open debate on religious imagery within the Church: a debate on its status as representations about its function, its "decorum" and even its very possibility. The problem will be addressed in the geographical context of the Catholic Monarchy, including their territories on the continent as well as the Atlantic empire.
This course expects to address the following three aspects:
1) The historical debate and its relationship to the history of the Reformation.
2) The geography of the problem.
3) The new discourse of a renovated Art, Protestant as well as Catholic.

» More information here

5. Cultural Agents Initiative, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University:
IAP-UAM collaborates with the Pre-Texts program housed at the Cultural Agents Initiative, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University.

Pre-texts is a world known artist/educator training program that combines high order literacy, innovation and citizenship. The program achieves intellectual rigor and civic development through the challenges of making art. 

Complex texts are prompts for creating a sound track, a choreography, a painting, a story-board, or a spoken word poem, etc. Pre-Texts develops avid and creative readers from all grade levels and socioeconomic environments by using classic literature as an excuse for making art. » read more.

Rethinking Graduate Management Education in Latin America

Harvard Business School professors Srikant Datar and David Garvin, and researcher Patrick Cullen, started a research project in 2007 to identify the challenges facing the future of management education. They focused primarily on U.S. and European educational institutions, employers and alumni. Their work led to the publication of a book titled "Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads". The book has had a major impact in academia and business worldwide.


Following the seminar Management Research in a Global and Changing Environment conducted by the International Academic Program (IAP) in July 2011, Professor Datar decided to conduct similar research on the future of graduate management education in Latin America. Autonomous University of Madrid and leading Latin American business schools were invited to partner in the research. Twenty- eight institutions came together to work on the project.


• e-book Rethinking Graduate Management Education in Latin America (Available soon).
• The course Design Thinking and Innovation, is taught online by Srikant Datar, from the Harvard Business School to faculty members from the Universidad Externado in Colombia and Universidad de Chile. Professor Datar teaches the last class in person in Colombia or Santiago de Chile.The final part of the class the students visited HBS.» read more
• Workshop Design Thinking and Innovation in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
• Workshop Design Thinking and Innovation in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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