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Guadalajara is 55 Km away Madrid, going to Barcelona by Road N-II. The Palace of El Infantado is the most outstanding monument of the town. It was built under the direction of Juan Guas in the 15th c by order of the Duke Don Iñigo López de Mendoza and combines Gothic and Mudéjar features. Inside, its Patio de Los Leones (Court of the Lions) is the most outstanding part with its two rows of flamboyant arches, as well as the Salón de Las Batallas (Hall of Battles), which was decorated with paintings on the ceiling by the Italian Cincinato. Two years ago, the first floor was given over to the Arts Museum of the Province, which has interesting paintings and sculptures. The Parish Church of Sant María de la Fuente of the 14th c preserves two portals in a pure Arab style as well as interesting burial places such as those of Juan de Morales and Alonso Yánez de Mendoza. The 16th c Church of San Ginés includes the mausoleums of Don Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza and Don Iñigo López de Mendoza, Count of Tendilla, with their respective wives. San Nicolás has a beautiful Churrigueresque alter, the Instituto; ie, the former Convent of La Piedad, has a Plateresque portal in the Chapel ascribed to Covarrubias, the Gothic-Mudéjar Church of Santiago, ie, a former Convent called Santa Clara, with all its original atmosphere in place after the recent restoration, and the 16th c Chapel of Luis de Lucena, with Mudéjar decorations: all of them are full of artistic attractions on a visit to Guadalajara, the provincial capital closest to Madrid, with which it is perfectly communicated.

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128km from Madrid, there is Sigüenza in the Province of Guadalajara, one of the Spanish cities which has a very clearly defined character and is most harmoniously beautiful. From its Alcázar or Moorish fortress on top of a hill down to the banks of the Henares, the houses, palaces, convents and squares stand in a row looking out over the valley. Sigüenza's jewel is its Cathedral, which dates from the first half of the 12th c. Inside, in the Chapel of the Arce family, there is the Gothic sepulchre of the Doncel Don Martín Vázquez de Arce, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful works of Spanish image making. In the Museum of the Cathedral, there is a collection of tapestries and in the Diocesan Museum of Ancient Art, there are important Romanesque sculptures, Plateresque altar pieces and oil paintings, among which an Assumption by El Greco is specially outstanding. Other important artistic sights include the Parish Church of Santiago y San Vicente, the House of the Doncel, Nuestra Señora de Las Huertas and the Hermitage of El Humilladero. Sigüenza is protected as a National Artistic Treasure. In the vicinity of Sigüenza, there is the town of Atienza, which as a whole is also protected as a National Monument.

Also interesting towns are Hita, Jadraque, Atienza, Pastrana, Brihuega and Tendilla.

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The most numerous private game reserves lie in the province of Guadalajara. The most important and most sought-after species is the Red-legged Partridge, of which there are plenty, and (in some areas) the wild boar.

In Guadalajara there are many rivers where fishing is good. The most abundant species include: Common Trout, Pike, Black Bass, Bue Carp and other members of the Carp family. What is more, there are plenty of reservoirs where it is possible to fish, among them, Entrepeñas and Buendía.


There are reservoirs with peerless conditions for practicing water-sports. Water-skiing, motor, sailing and rowing boats find the best surroundings at the reservoirs of Entrepeñas abd Buendía.


The most characteristic dishes are the roast lamb and kid, "migas", the trout and river crab and the "bizcochos borrachos (sweet wine cakes) and the honey from La Alcarria. Test the young wine from Mondéjar.


In Sigüenza (Guadalajara), there is the Parador "Castillo de Sigüenza" which dates from Visigothic times. It has 159 beds and four stars.


Guadalajara Tourism Office: Plaza Mayor, 7 Tel: 949 220698 .

Post &Telégraph: Teniente Figueroa, 5 Tel: 949 211493 & 949 22000 .

Police Station: Fernández Iparaguirre, 6 Tel: 949 225111

RENFE (Railway) : Francisco Aritio, s/n, Tel: 949 212850

Bus Station: Dos de mayo ,1, Tel: 949 247277

Road Information: Tel: 900 123505 & 949 221200

Medical Emergencies: Calle Ferial 31, Tel: 949 219292

General Hospital: Tel: 949 209200