TENDILLA: The Fair of San Matías (february) at the present.

There was a very important Market Fair (cattle, agricultural, wool, spices, craftmanship and market meeting) at the end of February, from the XIV Century until the beggining of XX Century.

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Because the winter rain (it may be snow) and cold, this Fair was placed under the "soportales". "Soportales" means a colonnade (but in Tendilla is 2 km long!) to cover up the Fair. Some colonns are made in stone, some in wood, with different sizes and shapes. Most of the houses are covering the street by "soportales".

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From 1993 up till now there is a re-edition and recreation of this old Fair in the last week of February, when the weather is very cold.

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There are cultural and animal-related conferences along the week, but in saturday and sunday there are selling of animals (goat, cows, horses, sheep...) and chidren can know those animals and give food (only to some of them, of course). Popular theatre is played at the streets and everybody can eat "migas" and listen to folk music (as the "jota castellana"). In sunday there is a meeting of pure breed horses.

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A "migas de picadillo" do not have fat in the bread, if well done. They are a food for cold weather. It includes garlic (just a bit), bread, meat of pork or cow, salt and olive oil. Without the garlic, they are very good for children.

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