Accommodation at "Casa E. San José"

In addition to the lecture rooms, our conference venue also provides room and full board for all those participants who wish to stay there (including their accompanying persons). The price for room and board will be the same for the participants in the meeting and their accompanying persons (be they participants or not). All rooms are double but can be used in a single occupancy. Of course, sharing a room will certainly reduce the cost of accommodation per person. PLEASE NOTE THAT, AT THIS POINT, THERE ARE VERY FEW ROOMS LEFT SO IF YOU REGISTER TOO LATE, WE MAY NO LONGER BE ABLE TO GUARANTEE ACCOMMODATION AT THE CONFERENCE VENUE.

Rooms will be available from Wednesday, June 17 at 12:00 until Sunday, June 21 at 11:00 for all participants who wish to book their room there. The booking is very simple: just fill out the registration form and indicate your preferences. Every participant will be issued a detailed receipt for all expenses at the residence hall, as well as a certificate of attendance at the end of the meeting. 

Although "Casa E. San Josť" is not really a hotel, to some extent it works like one and participants in the meetings held there earlier have  found the place comfortable and pleasant. There is a reception desk and rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Besides the restaurant where all meals will be served, there is a small cafeteria and vending machines for soft drinks or beer. All rooms have a private bathroom and shower. 

The hallways of "Casa E. San Josť" are decorated by paintings and several typical objects that might well find their place in a museum of ethnic traditions. There is a very spacious and pleasant patio yard with a nice view of the surrounding mountains (Monte Abantos and others belonging to the Guadarrama central mountain range). There is also plenty of free space for car parking. A famous El Escorial park "La casita del Principe" is essentially next door and all important places in town are within walking distance. The surrounding area is residential and quiet. "Casa E. San Josť" itself is primarily being used for scientific conventions or meditations by various religious groups: christians, buddhists, and others, so in general it should provide a very quiet environment and therefore we hope you will have a pleasant stay.

Participants will have at their disposal a computer room. Wireless internet connection will be available in some areas of the residence (please check at  the reception desk about LAN configuration). Overhead projectors and video beams, as well as white blackboards will be available to the speakers. The organizers will be in touch with the speakers about this.

However, we should advise you that there are no TV's, phones or hair dryers in the rooms; no wake-up calls will be available either. It may be a good idea to bring with you an alarm clock and perhaps also a hair dryer (adaptable to the European electric current). Also, the local organizers will be acting as intermediaries between the residence and the participants and will take care of handing the keys out to the participants and collecting them, and will also be in charge of collecting the payments on behalf of the Residence. This has been done in other similar occasions in the past as well and is beyond the organizers' control. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Full meals at the residence hall are included in the price. Our first meal will be a lunch bag awaiting the participants upon arrival. For the rest, continental breakfast will be served and each lunch and dinner will consist of 2 or 3 courses, with desert, water and (a reasonably good) "Rioja" wine included.

Meal schedule is standard for all groups who will be using the residence: Breakfast 9-9:30, Lunch 14-15, Dinner 21-21:45. We are supposed to be on time as much as possible (a 5 minute delay is still OK).

We hope to see you soon in El Escorial and wish you a pleasant stay if you are planing to come!