Late arrivals and early departures

For all of us who will be arriving to "Casa E. San Josť" by 3 PM (15:00) or earlier on Wednesday, June 17, there will be a lunch bag (two sandwiches with cold meat, fruit, and a bottle of water) since the exact number of people arriving in time for lunch is unclear. Dinner will be served at the Residence Restaurant at 9 PM (21:00) sharp.

If you are ariving late in the afternoon, make sure to make it there before dinner so as to pick up your keys and conference materials from the organizers prior to dinner! If you are going to miss the dinner and are arriving very late, please let us know as soon as possible so we can get organized to receive you. Please remember that the place is not a hotel and somebody will have to stay awake to give you the keys.

For those of you who will have to catch an early flight on June 21, THERE ARE EARLY TRAINS RUNNING ON SUNDAY MORNING (at 5:47, 6:17, 7:17, 8:16, 9:15) but there will be no early breakfast. This information will be verified and updated by Friday, June 5.

You may also want to know that there is a Barajas Airport terminal at the subway station at Nuevos Ministerios, so you may check in your luggage there (even for international flights) and then comfortably proceed by "metro" to the airport. However, for flying to the US or other countries that require a heavy security check-up upon checking in, this option may not be available at all times.