Hermann Suderow
Director of the N. Cabrera Institute
Profesor Titular
Department of Condensed Matter Physics, M03-615
Telephone (direct): ++ 34 91 497 61 97
Telephone (secretary Institute): ++ 34 91 497 46 89
Email : hermann.suderow at uam.es
Skype hermann.suderow
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Group's webpage, lbtuam.

Some publications
Field dependence of the vortex core size probed by scanning tunneling microscopy, Phys Rev B (2016), Article , arxiv.
Opening the gate on superconductivity, Perspective at Science (2015), Article .
Magnetic field dependence of the density of states in the multiband superconductor beta-Bi2Pd, Phys Rev B (2015), Article and arxiv.
Enhancement of long-range correlations in a 2D vortex lattice by an incommensurate 1D disorder potential, Nat Phys (2014), Article and arxiv.
Imaging superconducting vortex core and lattice with the scanning tunneling microscope, Topical Review, Superc Sci Tech (2014), Article and arxiv.
Scanning tunneling microscopy in the superconductor LaSb2, Phys Rev B, 87 214504 (2013), Article and arxiv.
Magnetic field-induced dissipation-free state in superconducting nanostructures, Nat Comm, 4 1437 (2013), Article.
Supercurrent on a vortex core in 2H-NbSe2: Current-driven scanning tunneling spectroscopy measurements, Phys Rev B 88, 064518 (2013), Article and arxiv.
Direct observation of stress accumulation and relaxation in small bundles of superconducting vortices in tungsten thin-films, Phys Rev Lett, 106 077001 (2011), Article and arxiv.
Compact very low temperature scanning tunneling microscope with mechanically driven horizontal linear positioning stage, Rev Sci Inst 82, 033711 (2011), Article.
Direct observation of melting in a 2-D superconducting vortex lattice, Nat Phys 5, 651 (2009), Article and arxiv.
Intrinsic atomic-scale modulations of the superconducting gap of 2H-NbSe2, Phys Rev B 77, 134505 (2008), Article and arxiv.
Local superconducting density of states of ErNi2B2C, Phys Rev Lett 96, 027003 (2006), Article and arxiv.
Pressure induced effects on the Fermi surface of superconducting 2H-NbSe2, Phys Rev Lett 95, 117006 (2005). Article and arxiv.
Very-low-temperature tunneling spectroscopy in the heavy-fermion superconductor PrOs4Sb12, Phys Rev B 69, 060504 (2004). Article and arxiv.
Phonon-mediated anisotropic superconductivity in the Y and Lu nickel borocarbides, Phys Rev B 67, 014526 (2003). Article and arxiv.
Tunneling spectroscopy in small grains of superconducting MgB2, Phys Rev Lett 86, 5582 (2001). Article and arxiv.
Andreev scattering in nanoscopic junctions in a magnetic field, Europhys Lett 50, 749 (2000). Article and arxiv.
Scaling and thermal conductivity in unconventional superconductors: The case of UPt3, Phys Rev Lett 80, p.165 (1998). Article.
Thermal conductivity and gap structure of the superconducting phases of UPt3, Journal of Low Temp Phys 108, p.11 (1997). Article and arxiv.

Low temperature physics course.
Statistical Physics.
Advanced laboratory Physics undergraduates.
Laboratory second year engineering undergraduates.
PI in one teaching innovation project and coauthor of two teaching articles (e.g. article and arxiv).

Diplom-Physik, Karlsruhe 1994.
PhD Grenoble, "Conduction thermique des phases supraconductrices de UPt3" 1997.
Habilitation in Condensed Matter Physics 2004.

Positions, grants and memberships
President of the Physics panel of the Spanish Science funding organization AEI since 2015.
IFIMAC member, coordinador of Materials research line.
Workshop support commission segainvex.
COST MP1201.
Marie Curie fellow 1998-2000.
Ramón y Cajal fellow 2001-2006.
RSEF, DPG, APS membership. Solid State Physics commission GEFES in RSEF.
International Institute of Refrigeration.
Member of Faculty and University senate.

Full publication list (not updated). List of talks and projects.
PI of 6 projects of Spanish funding organization and of 5 local projects.
Director or codirector of 4 finished PhD thesis (Galvis, Maldonado, Guillamon and Crespo), and of 8 master degree projects.
Coauthor of more than 90 publications.
More than 50 invited talks in meetings and conferences.
Organizer as chair or co-chair of six international meetings.

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Colloquia and students of INC.