The Project

E-CLIL is a European Union funded project to develop and build resources and a virtual resource centre for the use of content and language integrated learning (CLIL).

It focuses on language learning, learning strategies, multilingualism and multiculturalism. The project is being completed over 3 years and includes partners with a wide-experience of how to create CLIL content and the issues around CLIL in an enhanced language learning technology environment.

Prior research demonstrates there is a current and urgent need for specific materials, resources and guidelines for implementation which guarantee excellence in content and language learning.

The mission of E-CLIL is to improve the quality of language teaching through the use of CLIL to drive the need for Europeans to speak their mother tongue plus two foreign languages.

The Project Mission

The E-CLIL Web 2.0 Resource Centre has three main objectives:

  • · It will provide support to current and future CLIL education programmes all over Europe.
  • · It will disseminate high quality and already proven materials and resources for content and language learning.
  • · It will enrich teachers' and children’s knowledge of other European cultures.

The project will build interactive activities, tasks and games, within a central storyline, for the use of CLIL teachers, learners, educators and researchers. These resources will be translated into the project European languages.

The project will also build links and include resources to other evaluated CLIL resources across Europe.

There will be opportunities for educators around Europe to engage with the project through social network groups, by providing CLIL resources for evaluation and by using the resources produced by the project.

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