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CEDEL2 is an L1 English - L2 Spanish learner corpus that is being collected and created by Critóbal Lozano. CEDEL2 is part of the general WOSLAC project (Word Order in Second Language Acquisition Corpora) directed by Amaya Mendikoetxea at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


In CEDEL2 we are investigating how English-speaking people learn Spanish grammar (morphology and syntax). That is why we are collecting a large database (=corpus) of written compositions by learners of Spanish. Once the corpus is finished, it will be freely available for the research and teaching community.

CEDEL2 is in line with other European projects where large learner corpora are being created. Of particular interest is SPLLOC (Spanish Learner Language Oral Corpus) that is being created at the University of Southampton (UK). If you are creating a similar corpus and would like to see it advertised here, please contact us.

Corpus structure:

As you can see in the charts below, CEDEL2 currently consists of over 730,000 words coming from a total of over 2,300 participants (over 1,700 native speakers of English who are learning Spanish and around 660 Spanish natives). A large number of universities and schools worldwide have already participated online, especially some universities in the USA suchas as Georgia State University, University of Florida and Pennsylvania State University. The corpus is envisaged to contain one million words in its final version and will be beneficial for teachers, researchers and learners of Spanish alike.

For comparative purposes, we are also creating a comparable corpus of L1 Spanish - L2 English, called WriCLE (Written Corpus of Learner English), collected and created by Paul Rollinson.


If you are a learner of Spanish and are interested in participating, please click here. If you are a teacher/instructor of Spanish and would like to collaborate with us, please contact Cristóbal Lozano.

Further details:

For further technical details on CEDEL2 (updated april 2008), you can download this paper:

Lozano, C. (2009). CEDEL2: Corpus Escrito del Español L2. In: Bretones Callejas, Carmen M. et al. (eds) Applied Linguistics Now: Understanding Language and Mind / La Lingüística Aplicada Hoy: Comprendiendo el Lenguaje y la Mente. Almería: Universidad de Almería. Almería: pages 197-212.





Georgia State Universtiy  409 Terrell High School 2
University of Florida 204 SUNY  2
Pennsylvania State University   78 Miami University  2
John F. Kennedy Highschool  65 Winona State University 1
Central Catholic High School 53 Wayne State College  1
Syracuse University 48 Virginia State University 1
Saint Louis University--Madrid Campus 31 University of the Pacific 1
Franklin Highschool  48 University of Texas at San Antonio 1
University of Illionis 28 University of Texas at El Paso 1
Southern Methodist University  26 University of San Diego 1
Illinois Wesleyan University  16 University of North Carolina 1
Zionsville Community High School 12 University of New Mexico  1
Grand Valley High School  11 University of Georgia 1
Bob Jones University  19 University of Denver  1
Idaho State University  9 University of Colorado at Denver 1
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities  9 University of California, Santa Cruz 2
Univesity of Wisconsin-Madison  7 University of California, San Diego  1
Iolani School Honolulu 6 Tulsa Community College 1
Kenyon College  6 Tulane University  1
Indiana University  5 Triton College  1
Naperville Central High School  5 The Gunnery 1
Shorecrest Highschool  5 The George Washington University  1
Southern University and A&M College  5 The City College of New York 1
The Ethel Walker School  5 The American School Foundation  1
University of Michigan  6 Texas Christian University 1
University of Washington  5 Temple University  1
Boston University  4 St. Wendelin High School  1
Grand Valley State University 4 St. Mary's College of California 1
University of Kansas  4 St Bonaventure University 1
Auckland University  3 Sonoma State University  1
University of Arizona 3 Skidmore College  1
University of Massachusetts  3 Seminole High School 1
University of South Florida 3 Saint Joseph´s University  1
Baylor University 2 Rowan University  1
Burgin Independent High School 2 Rice University  1
Cornell University  2 Raritan Valley Community College 1
Excelsior Community College 2 Pinewood High School 1
Hall High School 2 Park Lane collegue 1
Harold Washington College  2 Pacific University 1
Lafayette High School 2 Ohio University 1
Louisiana State University  2 Occidental College  1
Loyola University 2 North Sevier High School  1
Mount Allison University 2 North Georgia College & State University 1
Ohio State University 2 New York University  1
Oregon State University  2 New Hope High School 1
Providence College 2 National-Louis University  1
Rutgers University 2 Michigan State University 1
University of Colorado at Boulder  2 Mesa State College  1
University of Delaware  2 McClintock High School 1
University of Iowa  2 John Hopkins University 1
University of La Verne 2 John Caroll University 1
University of Nevada at Reno 2 Iowa State University 1
University of Notre Dame  2 Indiana Area School District 1
University of Portland 2 Independence High School 1
University of Southern California  2 Hood College  1
University of St. Thomas  2 Exeter High School 1
Western Washington University  2 Episcopal Academy 1
American University in Cairo  1 Emory University 1
Augustana College 1 Edmond Santa Fe High School 1
Brandeis University 1 Eastern New Mexico University 1
Brigham Young University  1 East Carolina University 1
Camdenton High School 1 Drake University 1
Carthage College  1 Dakota Wesleyan University 1
DeMontfort University at Bedford 1 CUNY Graduate Center 1
Eastern Washington University  1 Concord University 1
Florida International University  1 Columbia Public Schools 1
Gordon College  1 Chicago State University 1
Grand View College 1 Central Connecticut State University 1
Illinois State University 1 Boise State University 1
Millersville University 1 Boca Ciega High School 1
Montclair State University 1 Berklee College of Music  1
San Francisco State University 1 Bates College 1
Stanford University 1 Ballston Spa High School 1
University of Oregon 1 Indiana University South Bend 1
University of Pennsylvania 1 Berkeley University California 1
University of Southern Mississippi  1 Oakland University 1
University School of Milwaukee 1 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania 1
Utah State University 1 Pomona College, California 1
Western Kentucky University  1 Messiah College, Pennsylvania 13
Ball State University 1 Shorecrest High School 1
Auburn University 1 Northwestern University 1
Cornerstone University 1 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1
University of Tennessee 1 Sandra Day O'Connor High School  1
Butte High School 2 University of Nebraska at Omaha 1
Yale University 1    
    TOTAL USA 1322


UK and Ireland   SPAIN   NEW ZEALAND  
Open University 20 Universidad de Cantabria  25 University of Auckland 11
Queen Mary University of London  11 Escuela oficial de idiomas Madrid 7 Massey High School  3
King's College, University of London  8 Middlebury College  5 new plymouth girls' high school  2
Essex University  7 Universidad Complutense de Madrid  4 Tauranga Girls' College 1
St.Paul's School  5 CLM Universidad de Granada 4 MLC (High School)  1
University of Leeds 5 Instituto Cervantes 4 James Hargest College 1
Sheffield university  2 CIEE Seville  2    
University of Wales Swansea 2 Universitat de València  1    
Motherwell College 2 Universidad del País Vasco (EHU) 1    
Stoke-on-Trent College 2 CCCS (Centre for Cross Cultural Study Seville) 27    
University of Manchester 2        
Northumbria University 2        
Birkbeck College, University of London  2        
British Council  1        
Cambridge  1        
Cambridge ESOL  1        
Durham University  1        
Goldsmiths College University of London  1        
Oxford University  1        
University College Dublin  1        
University of Edinburgh  1        
University of Hertfordshire  1        
University of Kent at Canterbury  1        
University of Salford  1        
University of West of England  1        
Heriot-Watt University 1        
University of Southampton 1        
Bridlington College 1        
University of St. Andrews 1        
St. George's College 1        
Brasshouse Language Centre, Birmingham  1        
Loughborough University 1        
Waterford Institute of Technology 1        
Cornwall College 1        
Instituto Cervantes London 1        
Trafford College 1        
Biggin Hill College 1        
University of Newcastle 1        
University of Exeter 2        
Cardiff University 1        
Queen's University of Belfast  1        
Bangor University 1        
University College Cork 1        
Liverpool University  1        
Aston University, Birmingham 1        
Leeds Metropolitan University 1        
Dover College 2        


La Trobe University  7 University of Western Ontario  6 International school Almere, The Neatherlands 4
Monash University  1 Vanier College  1 Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla  1
    McGill University 1 Hofstra University  1
    University of Toronto 1 National Taiwan University  1
        Universidad de La Salle, Mexico 1
        Jawaharlal Nehru University  1
        Universite de Nantes 1
        Unknown institution or N/A 162







Georgia State University (USA)

Carmen Schlig

  University of Florida  (USA) Francisco Salgado Robles, Juan Pablo Rodríguez Prieto & Jon Ander Merino Villar
  The Center for Cross-Cultural Study (CC-CS), Seville (Spain) Francisco Salgado Robles & Carmen Sales Delgado

Pennsylvania State University, Dubois (USA)

Deborah Gill

  Syracuse University (USA) Gloria Chamorro

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)

Silvina Montrul


Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)

Susana Perales


John F Kennedy High School, Iowa (USA)

Doug Kollasch

  John F Kennedy Catholic School, Hemel Hemptstead, Herts (UK) Inma Fernández Gómez
  Messiah College (USA) Monika Ciesielkiewicz

Fundación Ortega y Gasset, Programas de profesores de español, Madrid (Spain)

Estrella Nicolás

  The Spanish Course (Spain) Fernando Pérez Cos

St. Louis University, Madrid Campus (Spain)

Cristina Manute

  Dover College (UK) Laura Abad
  Lafayette Central Catholic Junio/Senior High School (USA) Mónica Montero

Franklin High School (USA)

Cheryl Johnson


Open Universiity (UK)

Fernando Rosell


Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Departamento de Español, Madrid (Spain)

José Amenós


Fundación Ortega y Gasset, Programas de profesores de español, Toledo (Spain)

Rosa Almoguera


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Servicio de Idiomas (Spain)

Paula Gozalo


Bob Jones Academy (USA)

Amos Kasperek


University of Essex (UK)

Teresa Torres


St Paul's School, London (UK)

Noelia Hernando


International School Almere (Netherlands)

Irene Lacasa


University of Western Ontario

Elena Valenzuela

  Kenyon College (Ohio, USA) Mª Carmen Parafita Couto
  Queen Mary University of London (UK) Elina Vilar Beltrán
  Universidad de Granada, Centro de Lenguas Modernas (Spain) Ana Bravo




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Last updated 24/06/2010

Created & maintained by Cristóbal Lozano