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Master's Degree in Inland Water Quality Assessment

Master's Degree in Inland Water Quality Assessment

This Master’s degree has been modified with the approval of the evaluation agency

  • This Master’s Degree aims to train students in subjects related to the assessment of water quality subject to the European Directive on Water Quality in order to defend their professional careers in research in the management of the problems associated with water quality from a Pan-European perspective. In this way, students will be able to participate in research projects and/or management plans for water quality in any European country. Past editions of this Master’s Degree’s Degree have been extremely successful with a subsequent employment rate of 75% of graduates working in question related to water quality in several European and non-European countries.


Future Students

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    Specific admission requirements:

    Entry to the Master’s Degree in Inland Water Quality will be subject to the general conditions of entry and admission for postgraduate students which are established in the regulations for postgraduate studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid. These regulation state that candidates must have an official  Spanish university degree with at least 180 ECTS credits in Natural Sciences  (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, etc.) or a technically compatible programme (Engineering related to water or the environment, health sciences, etc). Foreign degrees do not need to be officially recognized as long as candidates can demonstrate can establish that their degree has an equivalent level to that of the corresponding Spanish degree and would allow entry to postgraduate studies in their home country.  Moreover, given the European nature of this Master’s Degree, and the fact that is taught in English, it is necessary for candidates to be able to certify that they have a B2 level in English.

    A weighting of the merits will be carried out to establish the order of priority of the candidates based on:
    1.- Curriculum Vitae 65%
    2.- English level 10%
    3.- A letter of motivation 10%
    4.- Other professional experiences related to master 15%

    Specific admission documents:

    Applicants with access studies pending finalization must include a Statement of having finished the previous studies stating the expected date of finalization.


    - Accreditation English language B2

    - Letter of motivation



    (Spanish Version)

Enrolled students

Monitoring and Quality Control

Further information

Master's Website

Master's Website

Description of the degree

  • Current academic offer
  • Centre, department or institute responsible: Faculty of Sciences, Biology Department
  • Location: Faculty of Sciences
  • Year established: 2014-2015
  • Type: In-class
  • Credits 60 ECTS
  • Minimum ECTS per enrolment / per year: 24/part-time students; 36/full-time students
  • Teaching languages English
  • Número de plazas ofertadas: 30

Contact Details


Elvira Perona

Contact Data:
Telephonos: 914978175, 914978181,

Any query on the procedure for admission to this Master’s degree should be addressed to posgrado.oficial@uam.es