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Master's Degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics

Future Students

  • How to apply for admission
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    Specific admission requirements

    Applicants eligible for admission to the Master’s Degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental or Health Sciences: Graduates in Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Science or other similar fields, and be interested in guiding their training to specialization in Molecular and Cell Biology. Should a Spanish or foreign graduate of any other discipline apply for admission, their academic background will be examined before granting admission.

    Also, since lessons are taught in English, proficiency in English language (B2 or equivalent level) must be proved.

    The Management Committee of the Master in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics is the body responsible for the admission process. The Committee will evaluate each application for admission taking into consideration the applicant’s merits, training, English level etc. The selection criteria will include the assessment of the following:

    Selection criteria

    • 1. Academic transcript of records (50-70%).
    • 2. The adequacy of the applicant’s profile to the Master (previous stays at research centers, scholarships, letters of recommendation, access degree etc.) (10-35%).
    • 3. Other merits (5-15%).
    • 4. Interviews with applicants could be request in cases where deemed appropriate.
    • 5. Once the deadline for submitting applications is over, applicants who have met all requirements must submit a specific selection form online. To this end, each applicant will be sent by e-mail further instructions with the specific link to the online form. Students will have a maximum term of 4 working days to submit it. The purpose of the form is to assess all aspects mentioned in points 1-3.

    Specific admission documents and requirements

    Applicants with access studies pending finalization must include a Statement of having finished the previous studies stating the expected date of finalization.


    • Official accreditation of level of English language (B2 -or equivalent- at least) (compulsory only for students not coming from English speaking countries/universities).
    • Referece letter(s).
    • Average Grade statement (ANECA's certificate of average grade equivalence for studies undertaken in foreign countries, compulsory only for foreign students coming from universities others than the UAM)
    • Fill in an specific online selection form -not the SIGM@ one- whose link will be sent by email to the applicants when the application deadline is over.

    (Spanish Version)

Enrolled students

    Monitoring and Quality Control

    Further information

      Master's Website

      Master's Website

      Description of the degree

      • Current academic offer
      • Centre, department or institute responsible: Department of Molecular Biology and Department of Biochemistry
      • Location: Faculty of Sciences / Faculty of Medicine
      • Year established: 2015-2016
      • Type: In-class
      • Credits 60 ECTS
      • Minimum ECTS per enrolment / per year: 24/part-time students; 36/full-time students
      • Teaching languages Spanish/English
      • Número de plazas ofertadas: 50

      Contact Details


      Félix Hernández Pérez y Marina Lasa Benito

      General Coordinators for Postgraduate studies in Molecular Bioscience: Mauricio García Mateu and Isabel Sánchez Pérez

      Contact data:

      Master’s Programme Email:



      Any request about procedures for master's admission must be addressed to


      (tfnos. +(34) 914972645, +(34) 914975737)


      Secretary’s Office at the Department of Molecular Biology.

      Department of Molecular Biology, Module C-X / Office 608

      Faculty of Science

      C/ Fco. Tomás y Valiente 7

      Campus de Cantoblanco.

      Ctra. Colmenar Viejo, Km.15.

      28049. Madrid.

      Telephone: +(34) 914 974 870

      Fax: +(34) 914 974 870


      Secretary’s Office at the Department of Biochemistry.

      Department of Biochemistry.Office B-32.

      Faculty of Medicine

      C/ Arzobispo Morcillo, 2.28029 Madrid.

      Telephone: +(34) 914 975 328

      Fax: +(34) 914 975 353