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Public fees


[This page will be soon updated]

Public fees for studies leading to official degrees are regulated by Decree of the Government Council of the Community of Madrid, within the limits established by the General Conference for University Policy regarding the costs involved in providing this service, under the conditions set forth in Royal Decree-Act 14/2012, of 20 April, on urgent measures for the rationalization of public expenditure.

The prices are divided into an amount payable for academic services and another amount for administrative services and the student insurance scheme.



Students may enrol at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in part-time or full-time studies. At the time of enrolment students must select one of these two modes.

Full-time students should enrol for each academic year in a number of credits between 37 and 60. Part-time students should enrol, for each academic year, in a number of credits between 24 and 36.



1.       Fees for non-EU students:

According to the current Decree on public fees for the course 2016/17 of the Council of Education of the Community of Madrid, public universities will charge fourth enrolment fees in Masters qualifying to profession and second enrolment fees in other Masters to foreign students over 18 years who are not resident status, excluding nationals of Member States of the European Union and those whom Community rules apply, without prejudice to reciprocity.

To know the credit price, see Public Prices Official Masters document in the download area of this page.

Students who have resident status must provide a residence permit in the Administration of the Faculty / School.


2. Academic Services:

The amount payable is the result of multiplying the price per credit in the selected Master by the number of credits enrolled, depending on whether it is the student’s first, second, third (or subsequent) enrolment.

In case of interuniversity degrees, the price will be established by the coordinating university.


3. Fees for administrative services:

A fee is payable for each student record when a new curriculum is commenced.

An amount for office expenses must be paid for each academic year in which the student enrols.


4. Student insurance scheme:

This is mandatory for national and foreign students legally residing in Spain. The only exemptions apply to students who are over 28 years of age before commencing the course and students following another course simultaneously or who accredit having paid the student insurance scheme at another Centre.


5. Prices for the recognition of credits or courses:

For recognition credits in programs or activities in any University Centre, is always paid 25% of the established price.


6. Fees for non-teaching tuition: special mention to Master’s Thesis.

According to the Decree on public prices by the Community of Madrid, the fee payable for subjects whose credits are assigned by means of a test, or subjects pertaining to curriculum that are being discontinued and tuition is no longer given, will be paid 25 per cent of the published price.

In the special case of Master’s Thesis, students foreseeing the impossibility of completing this task and thus not being able to defend their thesis, or whose marks are insufficient to allow them to reach their targeted competence before the deadline for closing subject records, must enroll in the next year, paying 25 per cent of the fee per credit, as it is deemed that the tuition and tutoring process has been fulfilled to a large extent and in compliance with the provisions of the Decree on public prices.


1.   Payment by direct debit: This requires entering code account on which the payment will be charged.

2. Along with the enrolment form, “Orden de Autorización de Adeudo” (Debit Mandate) will be issued to be signed /authorized by the account owner and to be submitted to the Faculty / School Administration [It can be submitted in the first days after start of lessons].

3.   Paying cash into bank account of the University in any branch of Banco Santander.

4.  Along with a printed enrolment form, another form will be issued with a double "abonaré" (promissory note) to be submitted in the bank for payment and validation.

To facilitate the payment, payment can be done at branches located in the Campus of the University:

- Campus de Cantoblanco (Plaza de la UAM)

- Campus Faculty of Medicine (Calle Julio Palacios, 23)

But it can be also done at any branch of this bank.


5.   Payment by credit card (POS) by entering personal data required by the application (this excludes any American Express Card). No supports payment by installments.

6.   Exceptionally and if not possible to do by any other means described, payment may be made by transfer to the general public prices account at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In this case the student must contact the Administration of your Faculty / School to send a receipt stamped by the bank as proof of payment made after which manual validation of enrolment will be performed a soon as the university has verified the amount is credited to its account.



1.       Installment Payment: (Recommended)

Payment will be made in four installments:

- The first, at the time of enrollment in which 25% of the price for academic services and 100 percent   price for administrative services and school insurance will be paid.

- The second, from 15 to 25 November: 25% will be paid another price for academic services.

- The third, from 16 to 26 January: 25% will be paid for academic services.

- The fourth and last term, 6 to 17 March: the remaining 25% will be paid.

No installment payment may be requested if the amount payable for tuition is less than the minimum established by the Decree of Public Fees (350 euros).

If payment by direct debit method is not used, to pay the next instalments, “abonarés” (promissory notes) should be be printed from "Sigma Student Services" 

2.   One Payment. It is made in one term at enrollment.



Given the new prices stipulated by Decree 83/2016, of August 9, of the Community of Madrid, the enrollment amounts will be offset, so that:

-Enrollments in split payment will be offset in the last charge of March.

-Enrollments in one payment will be offset as soon as possible.


The University will require payment of the outstanding amounts for tuition previous academic courses as a condition of enrollment. The issuance of certificates will be denied when students had to satisfy outstanding payments.



Students may request cancellation of enrolment by submitting an request to the Dean/Director of the Faculty/School.

- For students already enrolled in previous years in Master’s Degree studies, cancellation of enrolment will be granted for the requested subjects, provided the request is made within 30 days after the start of academic year (1st semester: 12th September 2016 / 2nd semester: 30th January 2017):

• Requests for cancellation of certain subjects, or cancellation of the entire enrolment in the first semester: until 13th October 2016

• Requests for cancellation of subjects in the second semester: until 1st March 2017

- For newly enrolled students, the deadline is 45 days after the start of academic year (1st semester:  12th September 2016 / 2nd semester: 30th January 2017):

• Requests for cancellation of certain subjects, or cancellation of the entire enrolment in the first semester: until 27th October 2016.

• Requests for cancellation of subjects in the second semester: Until 16th March 2017.

After these deadlines, cancellation of enrolment will only be approved when justified, in the opinion of the Dean/Director, by the concurrence of special circumstances.

In case of not being able to continue studies once enrolled, you must apply for cancellation of enrolment in the Faculty/School since not paying the enrolment fees does not imply automatic cancellation.



Students may apply for reimbursement of fees paid by the cancelled subjects by submitting a request to the Dean/Director of the Faculty/School.

In accordance with the regulation on Public Fees and Prices, the obligation to pay academic fees is enforceable from the enrolment. This obligation may only be deferred if the student requests a grant or selects the payment by installments.

Exceptionally, public fees will be reimbursed in the following circumstances:

- To correct an error.

- When the student requests reimbursement before the academic year has commenced.

- When the student accredits having been granted admission to the same studies in another centre.

- By force majeure (work, illness ...) supervening after enrolment and duly justified.

- When the student cannot attend the course for non attributable reasons (e.g. schedule changes after enrolment).

In no case any amounts paid for administrative services will be reimbursed.

When before the start of lessons in the second semester the Faculty or School authorizes the modification of the enrolment to substitute one subject for another one, an economic compensation between both subjects will be done if possible, without impact on fees for academic student services.

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