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The interpersonal function of language in CLIL secondary education: analysis of a spoken and written corpus

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Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Investigador Principal : ana Linares


La función interpersonal del lenguaje en contextos AICLE en Educación Secundaria: análisis de un corpus oral y escrito

Content and Language Integrated Learning, or CLIL, is the term used for the European version of bilingual education, an approach to foreign language learning which is extending rapidly in Spain. The UAM-CLIL research project has been designed to respond to the need for information on this new teaching/learning situation, as it is being implemented in our local state secondary schools. The project started in the academic year 2005-06, and since that year we have collected spoken and written data from CLIL classes, following the same students throughout the four years of obligatory secondary education (ESO) in Social Sciences, focusing especially on History.

By recording examples of classroom interaction on topics from the social science syllabus, and analysing the spoken and written production of the students, as well as the teachers’ language as they organized and ran the sessions, the aim of the project has been to identify the linguistic needs of learners at this level in this subject area. After analyzing different aspects of the representation of content in the language of these classes, the latest project focuses on the use of interpersonal language. Both strands of empirical work contribute to the continuing research effort to establish a conceptual base for the widespread but under-theorized phenomenon of CLIL.


rachel Whittaker;Tom Morton;Teresa Bordón (Facultad de Formación del Profesorado y Educación (UAM); Anne McCabe (Chair, English Department, St. Louis University, Madrid Campus); Christiane Dalton-Puffer (University of Vienna); Tarja Nikula (University of Jyväskylä); Amaya Vázquez (C. S. Universitario La Salle); Irene Pascual (Becaria/Student researcher); Rachel Basse (Becaria/Student researcher)

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