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If you chose the optional subject "Prácticas" in your registration, then you have three options:

  1. Convalidation of your existing (or sometimes past) employment where it is relevant to the area of applied linguistics (Reconocimiento experiencia laboral);
  2. Collaborating within a research project associated with the teaching staff of the Masters;
  3. Collaborating within a company, or other institution (paid or unpaid), in other words, an internship.

For general information about prácticas in our faculty, see the faculty page here.

Susana Murcia ( is the coordinator of prácticas within MULAI. Please contact her with any queries.

The details of your práctica are usually determined in December or January:

  • For convalidation of existing work, documents need to be passed late January. See the document here for more information.
  • To do your práctica in a company/institution, talk to the coordinator of prácticas about organising an internship. Some companies/institutions already have agreements ('convenios') with the faculty, their requirements can be seen here. Alternatively, the student can suggest establishing an convenio with another company, if it is approved by the coordinator of prácticas of MULAI.
  • For students interested in pursuing a research career, your práctica could involve collaborating with one of our research projects. A list of our current research projects is sent out to students registered for prácticas.

Practicas in companies can be done with any company that the university has signed an agreement ('convenio'). Those companies with agreements made with our faculty are shown in the list here.  Some of the institutions in which MULAI students have been placed are shown here.

If the student has possibilites of a placement in a company not on this list, it may be possible to create a new convenio with that company. 

Not all destinations are suitable for a practica. To qualify as a practica, the tasks must be relevant to the contents of the degree. For MULAI students, this will require some relation to applied linguistics, language teaching, communication, translation, etc.



Michael O'Donnell

Margarita Gloria Vinagre Laranjeira

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91-4974426 (Secretaría del Departamento de Filología Inglesa)

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