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The "HR Strategy for Researchers" supports research institutions and funding organisations in the implementation of the Charter & Code in their policies and practices. The concrete implementation of the Charter & Code by research institutions will render them more attractive to researchers looking for a new employer or for a host for their research project. Funding organisations implementing the Charter & Code principles will contribute to the attractiveness of their national research systems and to the attractiveness of the European Research Area more generally. The award "HR Excellence in Research" will identify the institutions and organisations as providers and supporters of a stimulating and favourable working environment.

Since the adoption of the Commission Recommendation on the Charter & Code in 2005, over 1 200 institutions from 40 countries in Europe and abroad (and European/international organisations) have expressed their explicit support for the Charter & Code and 232 have obtained the Commission's "HR Excellence in Research" badge.

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The 'Human Resources Strategy for Researchers' (HRS4R) is a tool that helps employers and funders implement the principles of the Charter & Code in their institutions. It has the following features:

  • It is implemented by individual research institutions and funding organisations on a voluntary basis;
  • It is based on an internal self-assessment and respects the autonomy of the institution;
  • It is as simple and light in terms of administration as is possible, avoiding cumbersome procedures and recognising the variety of situations across institutions and national research systems;
  • It is not a prerequisite for participating in the EU Research Framework Programme;
  • It is a transparent approach that provides easily accessible public information on the actions of participating institutions and organisations to implement the Charter & Code principles.

See more information in the Euraxess website.

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