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Predoc position ERC project UNBICAT

Estado de la convocatoria: Cerrado

Application deadline: Hasta el 10 de septiembre de 2018

The Research Catalysis Group Frontiers in Catalysis: FRONTCAT (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, www.uam.es/jose.aleman) is devoted to catalysis in three main different areas: organocatalysis, asymmetric metallic catalysis, and more recently we have started to contribute in the area of material catalysis. We are looking for a PhD´s student.
Research topic: The applicant will work on the development of new organocatalytic and photocatalytic reaction to synthetize important pharmaceutical active compounds.

Research Center: Science Faculty, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Starting Date and Term: The post is available starting from October 2018 for a fixed-term of 12 months in the first instance, with the possibility of extension for other 36 months.

Requirements: We seek outstanding researchers master in Organic chemistry and catalysis. Experience in organocatalysis and photocatalysis will be highly considered. Proficiency in written and spoken English are essential.

Official Call

Managing Body and Contact

Applications: A brief CV (maximum 2 pages) and one reference letter are required (email to jose.aleman@uam.es).