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Service: "Higher Centre for the Research and Promotion of Music"

The Higher centre for the research and promotion of music of UAM has begun a new phase. It will maintain and improve the projects and services it already provides for the University community and for society, while aspiring to consolidate new spaces, activities and projects, building a permanent base and structure to ensure ongoing work towards its objectives and its purpose in the research and promotion of music.
Work teams

Director: Alfredo Vicent López alfredo.vicent@uam.es

Secretary: Consuelo Álvarez Vela consuelo.alvarez@uam.es

Pabellón A. Campus de Cantoblanco. 28049 Madrid.
Tel: 91 497 49 78
Fax: 91 497 46 70.
Music library. Tel: 91 4974003.
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 13:00.


Main activities

Its upcoming projects include updating the holdings, media and services of the Centre's record library:

Inclusion and cataloguing of existing holdings from a large donation of discs from Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza (about 500 vinyl discs and CDs).

Online publication of all holdings, both recordings and books, to be added to the university's database of musical holdings.

Selection and digitalisation of most of the vinyl discs in the record library.

Creation of a reference library, with the acquisition of new holdings.

Launching a loans service for the University community.

In the research and promotion of music, the reception and launch of research projects generated within the University community or in other ambits, will be the core of the Centre's musical activity. Organisation of musical activities: concerts, courses, masterclasses, conferences, etc, guided by the needs and proposals of the University community and of society. Attention to the fact of music to encourage its dissemination and development from childcare and education through research to interpretation and musical creation, seeking the best media and human resources to suit the higher level which the university space requires.

Functional structure

Dep. University Extension and Scientific Dissemination