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Research Support Service (SEGAINVEX)


The growing activity of the research activity carried out in the UAM's different experimental departments has led to creating the General Services for Supporting Experimental Research (Servicios Generales de Apoyo a la Investigación Experimental (SEGAINVEX).

Work team

Manuel Pazos Abreu.
Campus de Cantoblanco. 28049 Madrid.
Tels.: 91 397 50 08 y 91 397 50 16. Fax: 91 397 86 81.
E-mail: manuel.pazos@uam.es

Main activities

With the administrative support of the Research Service, its basic objectives are:

  • To provide technical support to the different ongoing research lines.
  • To build the prototypes required for the research.
  • To optimise the existing resources by globally tracking and coordinating the technical work required for the different projects.

It also has the following services: technical office, electronics section, glass and quartz section, welding section, mechanical section and cryogenics section.

Research Support Services

Functional structure

Dep. Research

Contact Details

Edif. Rectorado y Servicios Centrales
4ª Entreplanta / Despacho 51
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
C/ Einstein, 3. 28049 Madrid. Spain
E-mail: vicerrectorado.investigacion@uam.es

Physical location plan (Digital Guide)

José María Sanz Martínez

Conchita Ortega Urien
(34) 91 497 3900 / 4234 Fax: 91 497 4083