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Service: Ombudsperson


The Ombudsperson is the body responsible for guaranteeing and defending the rights of all members of the university community, and for ensuring compliance with the University Bylaws.

The Ombudsperson's duties include:

  1. To act ex officio in the face of any irregularities or deficiencies observed relating to respect for the rights and freedoms of members of the university community.
  2. To act at the request of the party in relation to complaints and observations made by any member of the university community
  3. To request and receive information from the governing bodies, representative and administrative bodies of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, in relation to complaints or observations made
  4. Before the authorised bodies, to make proposals to resolve matters brought to their knowledge and offer conciliation formulas which enable matters to be resolved quickly and effectively
  5. To produce an annual report on actions taken, to be presented to the Senate

The actions of the Ombudsperson are not subject to an imperative mandate or directives from any academic authority or governing, representative or administrative body (Section Three of the UAM Bylaws)

Work team

Francisco Jaque Rechea

Assistant to the Ombudsperson
Ana Mª Hernanz Escobar

Assistant to the Ombudsperson
Anton Gómez-Escolar Sanz

Head of Office of the Ombudsperson
Mª Eugenia Aguilella González

Main activities

Enquiries: The Office of the Ombudsperson tries to resolve any queries and requests for information made. If we are unable to do so we direct people requesting information to those who can resolve their problems

Complaints: You can make complaints relating to the poor running of certain services, to the behaviour of other members of the university community, to actions that harm the interests of the people affected or any other reasonable reasons for complaint

Mediation: This is carried out at the request of a member or group of members of the university community when there is a conflict between different parties

The university ombudsperson will not deal with:

  • Anonymous complaints
  • Requests without sufficient grounds
  • Requests which may harm the legitimate rights of third parties
  • Requests relating to matters that are pending administrative or judicial proceedings
  • Matters that have not first exhausted all the official requests and appeals provided for in the Bylaws

Contact Details

Postal address: Oficina del Defensor Universitario 3ª entreplanta. Edificio de Rectorado Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco C/Einstein, 1 28049 Madrid
Telephone: +34- 91 497 76 29 / +34- 91 497 87 78
FAX: +34- 91 497 37 46
Email defensor.universitario@uam.es
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Opening times

Monday to Friday: from 9:00  to 14:00 
Monday and Wednesday: from 15:00 to  17:00
The office will be closed during the academic holidays of Christmas and Easter and during August.

Requests for action can be made via the following channels: