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Analysis and Planning Office


The Analysis and Forecast Office (Oficina de Análisis y Prospectiva - OAP) is in charge of collecting, organising and distributing the UAM's statistical information. It was set up with the idea of supporting the University's management, providing the necessary data for planning, evaluating and, when necessary, correcting possible deficits. Furthermore, it carries out the important function of supplying the institution's statistical data to external and internal claimants that ask for them.

Work teams

Director: Ana Justel Eusebio
Technician: Juan Miguel Villar Ramírez de Verger
Training and Support Staff:
Carlos Eduardo Minchola Guardia

Previous director and OAP advisor:
Vicente Mazimpaka Nibarere

Main activities

Work the OAP carries out

1. Centralising and storing all of the University's statistical data.
2. Coordinating the activity of the institutional statistical data (services and management areas) to make it easier and more efficient to obtain them.
3. Publishing the statistical data considered of interest for general knowledge, either in the UAM in figures publication or in the University's Web.
4. Channelling the requests for statistical data that reach the University and, when necessary, supplying the required information.
5. Representing the University in the university forums where matters regarding statistical information management are dealt with.
6. Carrying out the research projects to bring together all of the statistical data considered of interest by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Office of Planning or entrusted by the University's other governing bodies.

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Human Resources and Organisation

Functional structure

Dep. Innovation, Transfer and Technology

Contact Details

How to make a data request
The data should be asked for in writing (e-mail or by post), clearly indicating the purpose for which it are requested. The request will be sent to the following addresses:

E-mail: oficina-ayp@uam.es

Analysis and Forecast Office
Edificio Rectorado, entreplanta 4ª
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
C/ Einstein, 3. (28049) Madrid. Spain

Telephone: 91/4975153

Opening hours for the public: from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 2 pm