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Veterinary Department


The Veterinary Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a service whose purpose is to maintain, produce and control the laboratory animals intended for the research and teaching carried out in this University, and other research centres that request their services.

It is registered in the Register of the Regional Ministry for Economy and Technological Innovation of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, General Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development, with no. EX-021-U, as “Breeding and user centre”, and in the General Farming Register with no. ES280790000097, as “Research Centre Farm.

Work teams


Carmen Fernández Criado


José Manuel Badajoz Martínez
Santiago García Puebla
Miguel Ángel Andrés Martín
David Muñoz Valverde

Main activities

This service is registered in the Autonomous Region of Madrid with no. EX 021-U (R.D. 1201/2005 of 10 October, on the protection of animals used for experimentation and other scientific purposes).

Production and maintenance of animals used for research and teaching
Equipment and services available for research support in the Veterinary Department of UAM

  • Health control diagnosis laboratory
  • Equipment for biological and haematological analysis
  • "in vivo" rodent blood pressure meter
  • Radiodiagnosis in rodents
  • Gamma ray biological irradiator
  • Bibliographic and ethical advice.
  • Technical procedures advice
  • Veterinary certificates necessary for researchers
  • Training course organisation

Contact Details

Veterinary Department of UAM: 91/497 54 76