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Construction Service


Complete co-ordination and management for:
1. New constructions (building and development)
2. Major refurbishment.
3. Minor refurbishment.
4. Advice to the university community.
All within the criterion of meeting the needs of the end user.

Work teams

Pedro Castañeda Taladriz 914 977 024 pedro.castanneda@uam.es

Pedro Olmedo Mendicouague 914 975 081 pedro.olmedo@uam.es

José Sánchez Rodado 914 975 083 jose.srodado@uam.es

Rosa Jiménez García 914 973 979 rosa.jimenez@uam.es

Main activities

They are divided into four large groups.
On the one hand is the management of NEW CONSTRUCTIONS (both in BUILDING and in DEVELOPMENT).
The function of this service starts when drafting the project and is responsible for obtaining licences and permits from Public Administrations. It continues by contracting the project drafting team which is supported by the definition of the technical requirements programme in accordance with users, from whom project approval will always be sought.
The project drafting will then be supervised and, where applicable, the supervision shall be co-ordinated by the Madrid Region. Special effort will be made to co-ordinate with other university units: Maintenance Service, Information Technologies, Procurement Service, Legal Advice and the Prevention Service. It is vital that a line of work with the Academic Authorities and Management is established at all times. Finally, a thorough control of the budget is performed with a view to complying with the UAM's commitment
During the tender the publication of any necessary documentation is prepared and supervised in addition to collaborating with the drafting of evaluation criteria. As a basically technical service, its professionals are responsible for responding to any queries form bidders during the process. Furthermore, it manages auxiliary tenders for quality control, onsite management and health and safety co-ordination. Finally, we draw on our experience and technical capacity to help in the assessment and information of the bids submitted.

Functional structure


Contact Details

Construction Service
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Edificio Rectorado 1ª planta
c/Einstein 3, 28049 Madrid

Information and contact: (Mon-Fri, from 9:00 to 14:00)

Dolores Miralles Martínez
Tel. 914 975 121
Fax. 914 973 979