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Contracting Office

Work team

Head of the Office:
D. José Dorado Moreno

Section Head:
Dª Ana Carmona Zazo

Section Head:
D. Jesús Alberca Fernández

Section Head:
Dª Mª José Gómez-Escalonilla Martín

Main activities
  • Preparation and processing of calls for tenders.
  • Management of the contracting party profile and of the contract publicity.
  • Preparation of the bidding terms and conditions, and of contracts.
  • Relation with the Awardees in any matter derived from the contract.
  • Processing of trouble tickets, and contract extension and modification files.
  • Proposals for the resolution of administrative claims in contractual matters.
  • Penalisation and contract termination files.
  • Studies, proposals and reports in administrative contracting matters.
  • Processing of files and preparation of resolutions in matters related to awards and public concessions.

Organic structure

Office of the Deputy Administrator for Economy and Material Resources

Contact Details

Contracting Office
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco
C/ Einstein, 1
Edificio Rectorado 2nd mezzanine
28049 Madrid
Tel.: 91 497 4241-4121 and 4094.
e-mail:  servicio.contratacion@uam.es