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1-15 September, online

1st International Online Conference on Nanomaterials

1st International Online

Welcome from the Chairs

After decades of intense research, nanomaterials are now an integral part of many applications and enjoy the attention of a large research community. Intrinsically multi-disciplinary, research activities are spanning from engineering, over physics and chemistry to biology and medicine. Likewise, current applications may differ from contrast agents for medical imaging to touch screens for mobile phones.

The scope of this online conference is to cover the whole breadth of nanomaterials research and provide a forum for presenting and discussing new results.

The conference will be free of charge for presenters and visitors. There will be an opportunity to publish peer-reviewed and accepted papers in a Special Issue in Nanomaterials ( MDPI offers a 20% discount on the publication fees for this Special Issue.

Call for Papers

1st International Online-Conference on Nanomaterials

The 1st International Online-Conference on Nanomaterials (IOCN 2018) will be held from 1 to 15 September 2018. All proceedings will be held online at

Throughout this event, we aim to cover the following topics:

Section A: Synthesis

  • Nanomaterials synthesis
  • Self-Assembly
  • Surfaces and interfaces

Section B: Materials:

  • Carbon Nanomaterials
  • Hybrid nanomaterials
  • 2D-layered materials

Section C: Spectroscopy & microscopy:

  • Nanophotonics and Plasmonics
  • Characterisation (microscopy, spectroscopy)
  • Modelling and Simulation

Section D: Devices & energy:

  • Nanocatalysis
  • Nanodevices
  • Nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage
  • Environmental Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Section E: Bio & medicine:

  • Nanobioscience (excluding nanomedicine)
  • Nanomedicine (excluding bioimaging)
  • Bioimaging and sensors
  • Nanosafety and –toxicity

The conference will be completely free of charge—both to attend, and for scholars to upload and present their latest work on the conference platform. There will be a possibility to submit selected papers to the journal Nanomaterials (IF: 3.553, ISSN 2079-4991;, with a 20% discount on the APCs; IOCN 2018 offers you the opportunity to participate in this international, scholarly conference without having the concern or expenditure of travel — all you need is your computer and access to the Internet.

Accepted paper will be published after peer review in a Special Issue in Nanomaterials (

Abstracts (in English) should be submitted by 15 June 2018 online at For accepted abstracts, the full paper can be submitted by 15 November 2018. The conference itself will be held 1–15 September 2018.

Paper Submission Guidelines

For information about the procedure for submission, peer-review, revision and acceptance of conference proceedings papers, please refer to the section "Instructions for Authors"

Time Schedule

  • 15 July 2018: Abstract Deadline
  • 25 July 2018: Abstract Acceptance Notification Deadline
  • 5 August 2018: Submission of Conference Proceedings Papers/Posters Deadline
  • 1-15 September 2018: Conference Date
  • 15 November 2018: Conference Special Issue Paper Deadline

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