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Applying satellite images and acoustics methods to the tropical assemblages

Biodiversity remote sensing.

This research seminar addresses new techniques applied in Forest Ecology.

Título: Biodiversity remote sensing: from satellite images to acoustics for the assessment of tropical assemblages

Ponente: Larissa Sayuri M. Sugai

Date and site: Monday, 12th February, 12:30h, Sala de Seminarios, Edificio de Biología (UAM).

Larissa Sayuri M. Sugai is a PhD candidate (UNESP/Brazil) about to finish her internship in the Department of Ecology in UAM. In this talk, she will make a brief about some projects regarding landscape planning and satellite remote sensing for the assessment of tropical anurans in Brazil. To wrap up, she will present some findings of a study developed here, with Dr. Diego Llusia, on the acoustic dimension of anuran communities. This talk present just a few from several remote sensing techniques that allows us to investigate biodiversity over multiple temporal and spatial scales.


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