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Investigadores Postdoctorales

Gonz?lez Pascual, C?sar

González Pascual, César

Investigador Postdoctoral
Módulo 5, Despacho 505, 5ª planta
+34 91 497 2665
+34 91 497 4950
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Resumen curriculum vitae

Biographical Info

  • Marie Curie-Andalucia Talent Hub fellowship (CEA-Saclay and University of Granada).
  • Postdoctoral researcher at University of Oviedo.
  • JAE-Doc contract at Materials Institute of Madrid.
  • MEC-postdoctoral grant at Institute of Physics of Prague.
  • PhD: UAM.


Áreas de especialización


Grupos de Investigación




Lineas de investigación
  • Electronic Transport in nanostructures: STM and BEEM.
  • First principles simulations.
  • 2D materials: graphene and MoS2.
  • Resistant materials for nuclear fusion technologies.


Asignaturas impartidas


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Relevant/Recent Publications

  1. Molecular detection on a defective MoS2 monolayer by simultaneous conductance and force simulations, César González, and Yannick J. Dappe. Physical Review B, 95, 214105, (2017). [URL]
  2. Adsorption of small inorganic molecules on a defective MoS2 monolayer, César González, Blanca Biel and Yannick J. Dappe. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 9485-9499 (2017). [URL]
  3. Reactivity Enhancement and Fingerprints of Point Defects on a MoS2 Monolayer Assessed by Ab Initio Atomic Force Microscopy, C. González, Y. J. Dappe, and B. Biel. J. Phys. Chem. C, 120 (30), 17115 (2016). [URL]
  4. H trapping and mobility in nanostructured tungsten grain boundaries: A combined experimental and theoretical approach, C. González, et al Nuclear Fusion 55, 113009 (2015). [URL]
  5. Carbon tips for all-carbon single-molecule electronics, Y. J. Dappe, C. González and J. C. Cuevas, Nanoscale, 6, 6953 (2014). [URL]
  6. Charge Injection through Single and Double Carbon Bonds, G. Schull, Y. J. Dappe, C. González, H. Bulou and R. Berndt, Nanoletters 11 (8), 3142 (2011). [URL]
  7. The Interplay of Conductance, Force and Structure Change in Metallic Point Contacts,  M. Ternes, C. González, C. P. Lutz, P. Hapala, F. J. Giessibl, P.Jelínek and A. J. Heinrich. Physical Review Letters, 106, 016802, (2011). [URL]
  8. Mechanism of the Band Gap Opening across the Order-Disorder Transition of Si(111)-4×1-In, C. González, J.D. Guo, J. Ortega, F. Flores and H.H. Weitering.Physical Review Letters, 102 115501, (2009). [URL]
  9. Soft phonon, dynamical fluctuations and a reversible phase transitions: Indium chains on Silicon,  C. González, J. Ortega and F. Flores. Physical Review Letters, 96 136101, (2006). [URL]
  10. Reply: Physical Review Letters, 97, 189702, (2006). [URL]

Experiencia profesional

Experiencia profesional


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