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MSc. Studies

The official postgraduate programme in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems is jointly offered by the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, the partner Department of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, IFIMAC and Instituto Nicolás Cabrera of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The aim of the Master in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems is training future researchers of excellence in the areas of knowledge related to the program.

The Master has a strong multidisciplinary character and offers two specializations: Nanophysics and Biophysics.

Within the Nanophysics specialization, the student will acquire a wide range of basic, methodological, and technological knowledge and skills related to the study of the properties of solids and liquids, as well as in the area of nanoscience.

In the Biophysics specialization, the students will gain a quantitative understanding of biological organisms, systems, and processes from the point of view of physics, as well as of the most advanced physical techniques used in their study. Emphasis will be given not only to theoretical knowledge but also to computational and experimental tools.

The Master is aimed at graduates in Physics or Materials Science (for Nanophysics specialization) as well as to graduates in experimental or life sciences (Biology and BiochemistryBiotechnologyMedicineChemistryMathematicsEngineering) for the Biophysics specialization.

Master Degree in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems.

IFIMAC provides grants for Master students, see here.

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