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Chemistry Degree

Descripción del Título

  • Centro, departamento o instituto responsable: Faculty of Science
  • Centros de impartición: Faculty of Science
  • Curso implantación: 2009/10
  • Tipo de enseñanza: Presencial
  • Créditos: 240
  • Mínimo ECTS según matricula y curso: 24 ECTS part time students; more than 36 ECTS full time students
  • Idiomas impartición: Spanish
  • Número de plazas ofertadas: 125
  • Nota de corte: 10,379 (academic year 2019/2020)

Chemistry Degree

Chemistry Degree
Chemistry Degree studies are oriented to train professionals with a strong basis of knowledge and theoretical-practical skills in Chemistry.
  • IntroductionChemistry could be defined as those Science that deals with the study of the macroscopic and microscopic structure and properties of all kind of substances, aspects related to reactivity and transformation into other substances. It also includes designing synthesis methods of new materials. The Degree main objective is to instil in students an interest for learning Chemistry which allows professional development in research, training and company areas.

    Chemistry Graduated must acquire the basic skills established in RD 1393/2007 concerning Chemistry area:
    -To have and understand Chemistry knowledge at an advanced level, also including leading-edge aspects in its field of study.
    -To know how to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in their work and in a professional manner. Also to own skills that tend to be shown by arguments elaboration and defense as well as by problems resolution in Chemistry area.
    -To have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data in order to make judgments that include reflection about important issues of social, scientific and ethical character.
    -To be able to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to both general and specialized public.
    -To have developed those necessary learning abilities in order to undertake subsequent studies with a high autonomy level in specialized Chemistry areas or other multidisciplinary areas.
    -To be concerned about professional deontology and to show ethical commitment.

    Professional Skills (pdf) Career (pdf)

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