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Research and professional tracks are available for maximum choice in curriculum building. The research track leads to a dissertation while the professional track leads to a substantial work placement and a professional project.

During S4 students will take 2 courses (Research Seminar + 1 elective) while they do their Research thesis or their Internship. Internships last for 360 hours and they can take place any time between March and August.

All students in both tracks will have to write a final dissertation and defend orally it in front of a committee. Students can choose whether to do their oral defense in July or in September.

Professional track

Students interested in the professional track can, either contact themselves the institutions where they want to do an internship, or send to the coordinator of EUROSUD at UAM  the following documents no later than early October.

Internships can take place in Madrid or in any other city/country. However, you need to take into account that you will havetwo compulsory classes that will go on until late April/beginning of May.

The coordinator will contact the institutions and an agreement will be signed between UAM and the institution where the internship will take place. This agreement needs to be signed before the placement starts.

Students on a research track wanting to do extracurricular internships are encouraged to contact the institutions at their own initiative. Once they are accepted, they can contact the program coordinator at UAM. The coordinator will facilitate all information and procedures about the signing of an agreement between UAM and the institution where the internship will take place. This agreement needs to be signed before the placement starts.


Institutional internship programs:

Students interested in certain institutions are encouraged to apply on their own to the different internship programs as long as they are compatible with the rest of courses and conditions of the EUROSUD program.

In case they are accepted, they will get recognition for the corresponding 18 ECTS, as long as there is an agreement with UAM and the rest of required criteria are met.










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