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FATTO Software Consulting


FATTO Software Consulting, enterprise specialised in training, metrics consulting and Software Requirement, has launched the "Function Point Analysis Training: Software Measurement and Estimation" course. The enterprise offers grants to Computer Engineering students that may be interested. Due to the limited number of grants, the students who actually want to take the course must send an  e-mail to contacto@fattocs.com with the subject "ESPANA - becas Métricas de Software". The deadline for sending the email is the 13th June. Once the email is sent, the students will receive an email with the next steps of the process.

The offered course is a distance and free course. Moreover, it offers knowledge in the technique, its corresponding certificate, a 16 PDUs credit of the PMP certification program, and it can be carried out within a period of 30 days.

You can check the content of the course in the following link:http://fattocs.com/es/capf, get to know more the Function Points here http://fattocs.com/es/faq-fpa, and get more information about the enterprise in http://www.fattocs.com.

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