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The thesis carried out by Jesús Díaz Vico, doctorate student at the EPS, has been selected for be presented at the CyberCamp event (07/12/14-Casa de Campo)


The work carried out by Jesús Díaz Vico in his doctoral thesis (Supervisors: Francisco de Borja Rodríguez Ortiz & David Arroyo Guardeño) has been selected for be presented in the "doctorate students workshop" of the Cybercamp event (cybersecurity event organised by INCIBE) that will take place from 5 to 7December in Casa de Campo, Madrid.



The doctoral thesis: "Design and implementation of secure protocols for practical authentication and fair anonymity systems" will be summarised at the presentation in the "doctorate students workshop".


    "A typical inconvenient of cryptographic systems in the literature
    is that they require major modifications into current infrastructure
    and technologies. One of our main concerns has been to address this,
    producing realistic solutions.
    Focusing on privacy, we create a technical context for managing
    anonymity by defining new X.509-based mechanisms for anonymous
    identities. These identities are implemented through group
    signatures, a central primitive in this work.
    Using already deployed technologies, we propose a protocol for
    secure online registration (e.g. for distributing anonymous
    identities), based on the Email Based Identification and
    Authentication protocol. Also, we define a privacy-respectful
    e-commerce system that respects the technological infrastructure of
    current systems.
    These proposals have been verified using a methodology for
    designing secure protocols and systems proposed in this thesis."

Time and Place of the presentation: 

  • When:  Sunday 7 from 9:00 to 13:00
  • Where: Pabellón Multiusos I de la Casa de Campo (former Madrid Arena)

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