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Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y EmpresarialesFacultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales

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Aims and Objectives

The Doctorate in Economics and Innovation Management (DEGIN) programme has as its main objective the training of qualified personnel in Economics and Innovation Management, thus contributing to the development of research on issues related to technological innovation from an economic and business perspective. Technological innovation occupies an eminent place among the factors related to economic growth and competitiveness, and this is confirmed by the importance that governments and international organizations confer on it as a strategic variable in economic development.

DEGIN offers the development of research in an area of growing influence and in contact with research teams from other countries. Students will have access to the national and international networks in which the research groups involved in the Programme participate, which translates into the possibility of presenting research advances at international conferences and publishing in indexed journals, as well as the possibility of obtaining the European Doctorate degree.

The DEGIN programme has been awarded the Mention towards Excellence by the Ministry of Education, making it an international benchmark.

Its main objectives are

  1. To train people capable of tackling and solving problems of a scientific and technological nature in the area of economics and innovation management, through independent and original research work that expands the frontiers of knowledge.
  2. To train researchers who know how to disseminate research results through scientific publications with a review process and a recognised impact index.
  3. To offer society a group of people capable of elaborating, evaluating and criticizing new proposals for scientific research and technological development, in the area of economics and innovation management.
  4. To train researchers who can opt for a job that requires the title of Doctor, as a postdoctoral researcher, university professor, researcher in institutes or companies, and in other jobs that require creativity, leadership and management in the technological field.
  5. Contribute to the awareness of scientific activity as a profession and its ethical implications in society.






Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Oficina de Gestión de Alumnos
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Coordinación Académica: 

Francisco J. Vázquez Hernández


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