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Lines of research

What issues are being researched in the TRU for Marketing?

The following list shows the areas and subareas in which the Marketing TRU’s researchers have been working on. Please notice that this list does not try to be comprehensive but rather only shows the main lines of research.

Commercial Distribution:
 • Retailing
 • Store Brands
 • Distribution Channels
 • Deferral of Payment
 • Logistics
 • Merchandising
 • Pricing Decisions and Competition
 • Unit Price
 • Distribution Margins
 • Advertising Creativity
 • Advertising Planning
 • Product Placement
 • Innovation and Development
 • Diffusion of New Products
Market Research:
 • Qualitative Techniques
 • Quantitative Techniques
 • Application of Statistical Methods to Market Research
Consumer behaviour:
 • Emigration
 • Acculturation
 • Perceived Quality
 • Management Errors and Client Recovery Strategies
 • Brand Management
 • Brand Capital
 • Brand Choice Models
 • Brand History
Strategic Marketing:
 • Market Orientation and Relationship Marketing
 • Customer Retention Strategies
 • Marketing Profitability
Customer Management:
 • Customer Lifetime Value
 • Customer Relationship Management
 • Customer Capital
New Technologies:
 • Marketing through Internet
 • Marketing through Cell Phones
 • Marketing through Networks
 • Digital Piracy
Sector Marketing:
 • Tourism Marketing
 • Education Marketing
 • Entertainment Marketing
 • Services Marketing
 • Pharmaceutical Marketing
 • Bank Marketing
International Marketing:
 • Cross-Cultural Marketing
 • Internationalization Strategies

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