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Duration and mode of PhD studies

The Duration of the PhD studies, understood as the time exclusively spent from the date of enrolment to the date of application for the deposit of the PhD thesis, is a maximum of three years, which can be extended to five years under the conditions established in paragraph 8.2, and excluding from this calculation the temporary leave, according to the provisions of paragraph 8.1.
The Academic Committee of the Programme may authorise the studies to be carried out part time, in which case the maximum duration is five years, which can be extended for a further three years, excluding temporary leave from this calculation. The request for part-time mode must be made by the PhD students when applying for admission to the Doctorate Programme. In no case may PhD students who have a contract to carry out their PhD thesis with in full-time mode (FPU, FPI, etc.) carry out part-time studies.
In any event, regardless of the mode of study, which may vary while the thesis is being prepared in accordance with paragraph 8.3, the registration of the PhD thesis requires passing three TUTORIAL COURSES per year at full time (or those corresponding at part time), whether following the procedures described for enrolment and annual assessment, or through the mechanisms for recognising the tutorial courses described in paragraph 8.4.