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Doctoral School / UAM

Filosofía y Ciencias de Lenguaje

Programa de Doctorado en Filosofía y Ciencias del Lenguaje

The Doctoral program in Philosophy and Language Sciences has the overall aim of preparing researchers for the understanding of a variety of knowledge areas and their applications to society within the fields of Philosophy and Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. In the area of Philosophy, the main objective is to understand, from a multidisciplinary perspective, the diversity of philosophical thought and articulate the proposals from philosophy together with those from other disciplines such as history, social and political sciences, Earth sciences, cognitive sciences and language sciences. In this way, it contributes to society with the use of a critical and global perspective of the multiplicity of the social, political and cultural processes that determine its complexity. In the area of Language Sciences, the program aims to prepare researchers for the analysis and transferability to society of the forms and processes of language and human communication: origin and development, language contrast, variation and change, applications to discourse analysis, language acquisition in natural and classroom contexts (bilingual and non-bilingual), translation, computational linguistics and artificial intelligence, linguistic consultancy and intercultural communication.

Due to the diversity of disciplines involved, the program responds to the needs of those future researchers interested in specialization in either the discipline of Philosophy or Linguistics, but it also allows for an interdisciplinary training incorporating the synergies between philosophical thinking processes and cognitive/social linguistic processes, as well as the philosophical background that supports language studies.


Research areas:

  •    Theoretical Philosohy & History of Philosophy
  •    Practical philosophy
  •    Language, speech & communication
  •    Applied linguistics to modern languages


Degree Official Documentation:


Facts & Figures

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Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1