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Escuela de Doctorado / UAM

Hispanic Studies. Language, Literature, History and Thought

Programa de Doctorado en Estudios Hispánicos

The PhD Program on Hispanic Studies (Language, Literature, History and Philosophy) responds to the demand of professionals and researchers in the different areas of knowledge regarding Hispanism. In general, the PhD Program promotes research on Spanich Language and Linguistics, Spanish and Latin American Literature, Medieval Hispanic History and Spanish and Latin American Philosophy.
The PhD Program on Hispanic Studies welcomes Spanish and international students interested in developing an excellence research project under the tutelage of prestigious researchers and experts, both nationally and internationally. Students admitted to the Program have the institutional support and research infrastructures of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
In the area of Spanish Language, our program promotes doctoral research on any of the disciplines and fields of linguistic and philological research, it trains highly qualified Spanish teachers, promotes the teaching of Spanish worldwide and promotes advances in the knowledge of Spanish language and culture.
In the area of Spanish Literature, the program promotes doctoral research on subjects related to authors, periods, poetics and processes of Spanish Literature and the literatures of American Spanish-speaking countries, as well as the very diverse historical and cultural contexts in which these literatures have developed.
In the area of History, it promotes an interdisciplinary view on the various aspects of Hispanic medievalism, from a wide perspective that allows to analyze the subjects of study in an integration space-time, socio-economic and ideological framework. The Iberian peninsula and its complexity in the medieval period represent a singularly attractive framework for national and international researchers.
In the area of Spanish and Latin American Philosophy, the program promotes PhD theses implying research on original sources of Spanish tradition, the history of Latin American countries, as well as on the reciprocal influences between Spain and Latin American countries.
For all these reasons, the PhD Program on Hispanic Studies is an international reference program in the field of Hispanism.

The PhD Program in Hispanic Studies. Language, Literature, History and Thought in the next Admission Period (Advanced Period) from the 1st of March to the 15th of May, 2021, will offer four (4) of the twenty vacants for the Academic Year 2021/22.

In the First Period (30th June to 1st October, 2021) will be offered eleven (11) vacants. In the Second Period (30th October 2021 to 15th January 2022) will be offered five (5) vacants.



Research lines:

  • Spanish Language
    • Lexicology and lexicography, grammar, semantics, pragmatics and discourse analysis.
    • Lingüística aplicada del español (sociolingüística, psicolingüística, etnolingüística).
    • Spanish as L2 / LE. Acquisition and teaching.
    • History of Spanish Language, variation, change and linguistic contact.


  • Literature
    • Literature in Spanish from the Meddle Ages to the Present.
    • History of Literary Genres in Europe and America.
    • Relación entre la literatura en lengua española y otras artes (cine, pintura,  música, etc.)
    • Literature in Spanish and Other Art Forms (Film, Painting, Music, etc.)
    • Cultural Studies in Hispanic Literatures.<


  • History
    • Interdisciplinary Studies in Medievalism. Political culture and elites.
    • Guerra santa, violencia religiosa y cruzada en la Edad Media peninsular.
    • Holy War, religious violence and Crusades.
    • Cultures and spaces in contact.
    • Thinking, memory and political power.


  • Thought
    • From the New Spain tradition to the contemporary Mexico: Mexican illustration, the era of independence and the 20th century Mexico.
    • History of the Spanish: mainly the 20th century liberal tradition, the dialogue with Europe, the dialogue with Latin America.
    • Relations between Philosophy and Literature in the 20th century thought: from the End-of-Century crisis to the 1939 exile.
    • Pensamiento español de las últimas décadas.
    • Spanish thought since the last decades.


Academic Comittee of de doctoral program in Hispanic Studies, Language, Literatura, History and Thought



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