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Doctoral School / UAM

Medicine and Surgery

Programa de Doctorado en Medicina y Cirugía

The Doctoral Program is integrated into the UAM's R&D strategy. This fact is reflected on the website of the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) UAM+CSIC. Among the strategic objectives of the project is the reinforcement of excellent research, as well as the improvement of teaching quality and innovation, and the internationalization of doctoral studies in various strategic areas, including Biomedicine.

The justification for the Doctorate Program in Medicine and Surgery is based on two fundamental aspects: (1) the need to train researchers in various areas of healthcare medicine and nursing, and (2) the extensive research experience and training of research staff of the professors from the Departments of Pathological Anatomy, Surgery, Nursing, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, and Psychiatry of the UAM, which form the core of the Doctoral Program.

The number of students enrolled in the Medicine and Surgery Program is very large, corresponding to the largest number of students enrolled in all the doctoral programs of the Faculty. The vast majority of those registered correspond to doctors with assistance activity, belonging to the hospitals attached to the UAM Faculty of Medicine, many of them currently carrying out their specialized training program.

The set of cardiovascular, neurological, neoplastic, infectious, respiratory, endocrine-metabolic, renal, immunological, and other large organ or system diseases constitute a social and health problem of the first magnitude and represent the greatest burden for the different health systems. Despite the increase in scientific-technical knowledge in many aspects of these disorders, their impact continues to be very high and, in many cases, growing. The objective is to collaborate in its solution by training researchers in the knowledge of the pathogenic and pathophysiological bases responsible for these diseases and in the mechanisms of therapeutic intervention, as well as in the development and validation of clinical, diagnostic, or prognostic evaluation systems.

The improvement of health care for children and care for all gynecological diseases is also a growing demand in our society. For this reason, the program integrates the training of researchers in the pathophysiological foundations of development, in perinatal medicine and in the molecular pathology of breast and gynecological cancer. Similarly, aware of the growing socio-sanitary impact of mental illnesses, it assumes the development of researchers in psychiatry and medical psychology.

With a comprehensive view of health care and the scientific approach to all the clinical areas included in the doctoral program, surgical research is also addressed, in its different facets, and aims to promote the training of researchers in a wide group of sub-lines related to Surgery. In the same way, it assumes research in innovation and nursing care in health, as an essential element for the promotion of health and the adequate control of the disease.


The lines of research associated with the Doctoral Program are:

• Line 1. Bases and mechanisms of the disease or therapeutic response

• Line 2. Clinical, diagnostic, or prognostic evaluation of pathologies

• Line 3. Physiopathological foundations of development

• Line 4. Research in psychiatry, medical humanities, and medical psychology

• Line 5. Molecular pathology of cancer

• Line 6. Surgical research

• Line 7. Perinatal medicine



Prof. Oscar Lorenzo Gonzalez

Department of Medicine, School of Medicine



Academic Commission

The composition of the Academic Committee of the Program is as follows:


President: Prof. Óscar Lorenzo González

Department of Medicine


Secretary: Prof. María del Pilar González-Peramato Gutiérrez

Pathological Anatomy Department



Prof. José Luis Bartha Rasero

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Prof. Maria Cabello Salmerón

Department of Psychiatry

Prof. María Josefa Calzada García

Research Vicedean

Prof. Lourdes Casillas Santana

Nursing department

Prof. Laura Mª Frago Fernández

Department of Pediatrics

Professor Enrique Gil Garay

Department of Surgery

Prof. Elena Martin Perez

Department of Surgery

Prof. Jose Manuel Rubio Campal

Department of Medicine


Doctoral thesis procedure


Degree Official Documentation




Facts & Figures

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Facts and Figures 1
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