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Doctoral School / UAM


Programa de Doctorado en Biología

  Biological studies are highly demanded given its great social impact. They offer solutions to problems that improve the quality of life of individuals and the society at large. The Ph.D. Program in Biology offers a wide range of research possibilities given its comprehensive team of specialist professors and its infrastructures. The objective of the Program is to provide training for researching in many different areas of Life Sciences, including several areas of knowledge (Cellular Biology, Botany, Genetics, Paleontology, Physical Anthropology, Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology and Zoology). Therefore, it has an interdisciplinary character that will allow the advanced training of the students in multiple research techniques related to all these scientific areas. The Program prepares researchers in diverse areas for having the skills to have an essential role in all the institutions involved in research and innovation. They will be able to develop its work in universities, research centers, hospitals and Research and Development centers.




Research lines:

  •     Cell Biology
  •     Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity
  •     Functional Biology
  •     Genetics



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Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1