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Doctoral School / UAM

Food Science

Programa de Doctorado en Ciencias de la Alimentación

New trends in food and nutrition are directed to clear up the food-health binomial, beyond classical nutrition goals, and have achieved widespread interest in both the food industry and in society. The production of foods for specific health use establishes a crucial link between technological developments and studies related to the biological activity of these foods, so as they can comply recent European standards and can be integrated into the market.

These new social trends and the productive food sector demand doctors with advanced training in food science and technology, and issues related to nutrition, microbiology, genetics and biomedicine to be able to design and develop new products, with the scientific rigor that they demand, meeting all legislation requirements related with quality and efficacy, so they can be implanted in the market safely for benefit of consumers, food industry and society.

The PhD Program in Food Science responds to this demand: training of specialists to produce advances in the area of ​​food and health, using innovative technologies to minimize the environmental impact of the production system, and establishing the mechanisms of the biological action of food components, to certify quality and security. In summary, doctors capable of producing the technological leap necessary to improve the competitive and economic level of food industry, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life and health population through food.



Research lines:

  •    Food Ingredients with Health Claims
  •    New Technologies and Food Production and Conservation
  •    Instrumental Analysis, Food Quality and Safety
  •    Biotechnology and Food Microbiology
  •    Nutritional Genomics



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Facts & Figures

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Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1