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Law, Government and Public Policy

Programa de Doctorado en Derecho, Gobierno y Políticas Públicas

The PhD program in Law, Government, and Public Policy is a joined venture between the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid School of Law and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Public Policies and Public Goods Institute. The program provides a multidisciplinary environment where PhD students develop their analytical skills and advanced research capacities, grounded on a sound theoretical understanding, in order to address a wide array of challenging issues regarding Law, Government, Politics, International Relations, and Public Policy.

The Program demands a serious commitment involving time and effort. It is particularly suited for students pursuing a scholar career as well as for civil servants working on the fields mentioned above.

A strong emphasis among the learning activites is placed on the Seminar for Researchers on Training, mandatory for all PhD students.

The following additional activities are also mandatory:

-   Attendance and participation in lectures, seminars and scholarly  meetings relevant for their research.

-   Presentation of papers in scholar and profesional conventions both  in Spain and abroad.

-   Research stages in prestigious learning institutions abroad.


The PhD degree shall be completed in a 3-year period full time, or else, when the student was authorized by the Academic Committee to pursue the degree part time, in a 5-year period. The degree is obtained after successful presentation and defense of a PhD dissertation.




To be admitted to this program it´s obligatory to fill the following document. For further information, visit the PhD Website




Research lines:

  •    Private, Public and Global Goods, and its Protection
  •    Constitution, Democracy, and Rights
  •    International Studies and EuropeanIntegration
  •    Government, Administration, Welfare State and Social and Equality Policies
  •    Person, Private Autonomy, Jurisdiction and Extrajudicial Solution
  •    Economic, Social and Business  Regulation
  •    Public Policiesfor Knowledge Society and Sustainability



Degree Official Documentation:



Facts & Figures

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Facts and Figures 1
Facts and Figures 1
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